Maths month has ended - make way for English! Frog Championships Level Up: English challenge is kicking-off today and will be running throughout the month from 3rd to 30th September. Parents, we hope you’re excited for more opportunities for your child to Play, Improve & Win!

Learning is not limited within school or classroom lessons. It can happen anywhere, anytime, especially at home! Most parents want to help their children improve in English, but don’t know where or how to start. We’ve gathered a few tips to help improve your child’s English at home:

Surround your child with English

The quickest way to learning up and improving in a new language is to speak it everyday and surround yourself with people who speak it too! Turn your home into an English-speaking environment where your child can learn passively through listening. Constantly converse with your child in English and also encourage them to speak in English too!

Pay attention to your surroundings

As you are driving or walking in a mall, take note of billboards, posters and signboards. Read aloud or point them to your child and encourage them to read it. Advertisements can help develop creativity in English as they often use catchy phrases to attract attention.

Read, read and read some more!

If you want to improve in English, reading is definitely the key. Buy English newspapers, magazines and books so that your home is filled with English reading material. Read aloud to your child or invite them to read along with you. Not only will it help them improve in reading, but it will also help expand their vocabulary!

Watch English movies and TV shows

Movies, TV shows and even YouTube videos are a great way to help your child improve in English. As most films and videos are dedicated for native speakers, your child will be hearing the English language just as how it is spoken everyday in a conversational way. Turn on English subtitles while watching movies to help your child understand the spoken words better.

Learn English through songs and the radio!

Does your child have a favourite English song? Whip out the lyrics and sing along to it! Songs are a great way to learn a new language because they contain useful vocabulary and everyday words and phrases. You could also tune in to English radio stations like FlyFM or Hitz.FM to train your child’s listening skills and help them learn how English sentences are constructed by listening to the radio deejays.

Parents, don’t worry if your own English is not perfect. What’s most important is your enthusiasm to support your child and give them lots of encouragement and praise. So kick-start your child’s journey to better English today! Login to Frog to access Boost Sites and FrogPlay quizzes for your child to practice more and improve their English! For more information on the Frog Championships, visit