At FrogAsia, we are on a mission to connect over 10,000 government schools across Malaysia, bringing 10 million teachers, students and parents together through the Frog VLE platform. However, the core of FrogAsia is more than just an education company. Every person involved in the work that we do has the heart for people and the passion to make a difference. We have always said that everyone here has a heart and as we articulated the values that drive us, it was only natural for us to use the word HEART.

We mapped our values into the acronym and this is what our HEART Values stand for:


Every year on September 16, since 1963, we come together as Malaysians to celebrate the day Malaya, North Borneo and Sarawak united to be called MALAYSIA. To commemorate this meaningful day, we asked some of our Malaysian team members to share their thoughts on what togetherness mean and what achieving the FrogAsia vision mean to them as Malaysians.