In a world that is rapidly and constantly changing, we aim to bring all schools forward into 21st Century education so that no school is left behind. For us to achieve that, teachers, students and parents need to understand and realise the importance of integrating technology into teaching and learning.

The FrogAsia team visited schools in Penang to have more on-ground experience on how schools are moving forward into 21st Century teaching and learning. We had opportunities to speak with school principals and realised what an important role the school leadership team plays in driving initiatives to encourage, support and motivate teachers and students towards 21st Century education.

Headmistress of SK Sungai Nyior, Puan Nurzaini binti Osman, shared with us on how her school transformed into an environment that supported and encouraged 21st Century teaching and learning.


getting everyone onboard

Knowing that her school was small, Puan Nurzaini believed that change could still take place in SK Sungai Nyior. She rallied her teachers towards this cause and visited other schools to explore creative ways to make their school more conducive for learning. Through the passion and effort of teachers, parents understood the school’s direction and were supportive of the transformation. Puan Nurzaini also reached out to the local PKG for guidance and support.


leading by example

After learning about Frog and how it supports 21st Century teaching and learning, Puan Nurzaini, the school’s senior leadership team and PIBG worked towards getting a Frog Classroom for their school. Believing in leadership by example, the Headmistress and her senior leadership team took on the Frog Classroom Makeover project without impeding on other teachers. With the support of PKG and PIBG, the Frog Classroom was completed in the nick of time!

The school is fully utilising the Frog Classroom for teaching and learning, and have also included a Student’s Corner where students have a safe space to speak, share ideas and be creative in between lessons. Puan Nurzaini’s ongoing strategy is to improve the school’s overall performance and actively participate in programmes that will give the school more exposure - this includes the Frog Championships.


empowering other schools

As teachers of SK Sungai Nyior begin their own initiatives to embrace 21st Century education, Puan Nurzaini supports all initiatives and even extends invitation to other schools to share best practices and learn from one another.


SK Sungai Nyior is an example that change can happen for all schools, even the smallest ones. Click  here to read more on other Penang schools.

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