Technology is becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives as we move into a world of globalisation and digitization - Welcome to the 21st Century! In a world that is fast-paced and changing ever so quickly, FrogAsia aims to bring all schools forward into 21st Century education so that no school is left behind. In order to do so, teachers, students and parents need to know and realise the importance of integrating technology into teaching and learning.

The kLeaps conference continues in Penang to enable and encourage teachers, students and parents in 21st Century learning. In case you didn’t know, kLeaps is an extension of our annual Leaps of Knowledge Conference, aimed to inspire, equip and empower Malaysians to collaboratively and collectively do more to raise the bar in education.

Held at Universiti Teknologi MARA Penang, more than 1,500 teachers, students, parents and members of the education sector attended kLeaps Penang. The conference also saw the attendance of YAB Chow Kon Yeow, Penang Chief Minister, Mohd Jamil Mohamed, Penang State Education Director, YB Steven Sim, Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam, Datin Kathleen Chew, Program Director of YTL Foundation and Lou, our Executive Director.

“Today we are promoting and encouraging the use of technology in 21st Century education. Frog VLE is really beneficial for our students where they have access to learning online and teachers can use it during their PDPC as the platform is user-friendly.There are a lot of materials and content on Frog VLE. We are serious about increasing engagement on Frog VLE and we are targeting to reach 100% usage of the Frog VLE platform by October this year. We want to see consistent usage of Frog VLE in the future. This platform is available for the schools and it is a loss if they don't use it as most of the schools do have the facilities to use it. We want to build a culture of learning through the virtual platform,” said Mohd Jamil Mohamed, Penang State Education Director.

He officiated the launch of kLeaps Penang and kickstarted the day with excitement for everyone! Teachers and parents then broke off to attend talks and workshops while students had fun participating in the kLeaps Challenge at the kLeaps Carnival.

At the Lightning Talk For Parents, PIBK President Encik Wan Chik bin Ahmad shared on how parents can be more involved in school and the role of PIBG in keeping parents connected with what is happening in school, while Madam Loh Yat Cheng, Headmistress of SJK(C) Union, talked about benefits of Frog Classroom and how teachers are the first to champion and encourage 21st Century education in schools. Parents were very engaged throughout the talk and had gained more insight about Frog and how it benefits their children. Head teachers and their admin teachers attended the SATE workshop where they learn how to get started with Frog by completing specially crafted challenges.

Meanwhile, at the kLeaps Carnival, Chief Minister of Penang YB Chow Kon Yeow was given a demo by Cikgu Hazim Syahmi bin Sajali and his students from SK Seri Tasek on how Frog is being used in a classroom lesson. Cikgu Hazim demonstrated on how lessons were taught using Sites and how he assigned homework to his students through Frog, while students showed how they completed FrogPlay quizzes.

“Penang introduced several initiatives to encourage, transform and revolutionise the state’s ability to compete in the digital age. Initiatives like the Penang Digital Library, platforms like Frog’s VLE and events like kleaps can further advance the state’s agenda and be catalysts to create a bright future for our children. We are committed to empowering our children through technology and gamified learning gives them the tools for 21st Century learning,” said the Chief Minister and closed the event.

We are extremely happy that the kLeaps conference was able to give participants a taste of gamified learning through the showcase of the ongoing Frog Championships Level Up series as well as learn about the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development set by the United Nations General Assembly. A big thank you to all teachers, students, parents and members of the education sector in Penang for your amazing support! Continue to follow us and stay tuned for our next kLeaps conference 😉