A parent’s attitude about education can inspire a child in their educational journey. Although a parent’s role in their children’s learning evolves as children grow, one thing remains the same throughout: Parents are their children’s learning models.

Since 2013 when Frog was first introduced to the school, parents of SJK(T) Ladang Lanchang had little to no knowledge of 21st Century learning. Families lived within the estate in Temerloh, Pahang that only had VSAT connectivity at the time. Families also did not own digital devices at home because they did not see the need to have one. However, all that began to change when parents were introduced to Frog.

Taking the first step

Parents were in awe of the advancement in education and realised how 21st Century education could benefit their children’s future. They wanted to know more and began taking the initiative to attend workshops organised by the school on how to use Frog. Cikgu Norazliza, the Frog Admin of the school, distributed YES IDs to parents and taught them how to login to Frog. When parents were familiarised with that, she then taught them how to check students assignments and academic reports to help them stay informed on their children’s progress in school.

Bringing technology home

Parents grew more supportive of Frog as they understood more on its benefits. Some parents went ahead to buy a computer so that their children can continue to use Frog at home. Other parents had asked teachers to help them install the FrogPlay app on their mobile devices for their children to do more revision at home after school.

Parents all onboard!

Throughout the Frog Championships, the school would have extra classes in their ICT room for students to do more revision on FrogPlay. “Students are so eager to learn with Frog, especially FrogPlay. They would stayback to complete quizzes and play games,” said Cikgu Norazliza. Parents not only allow their children to stayback in school but they also showed support by providing food and drinks for students and teachers whenever there were extra classes in the evening. The school also organises competitions to further encourage 21st Century learning by awarding students with the best dashboard or Site and parents would sponsor prizes for the students.

The impact of parents’ involvement is seen when students began to improve in their subjects through more frequent use of Frog for revision and independent learning. Big shoutout to parents of SJK(T) Ladang Lanchang for their amazing support in their children’s education! Click  here to read more on how the school is making a difference with Frog.