The Frog VLE is widely known as a single-cloud education platform designed to simplify and enhance teaching and learning. But the use of Frog has expanded beyond just teaching and learning and is now widely implemented by schools in administrative work as well. One of such schools is Sekolah Menengah Agama Kuala Lumpur (SMAKL).

Cikgu Fadzlin, Frog Admin of SMAKL, has been advocating the implementation of Frog in the school. With the support of the school’s principal, Cikgu Fadzlin was able to convince teachers and the school’s senior leadership team that Frog is a beneficial tool not just for teaching and learning, but for administration as well.

Here are 7 ways SMAKL is utilising Frog in Administration:

Creating content for school syllabus

Cikgu Fadzlin started an initiative, supported by the school principal, where teachers share the workload in creating content following the school syllabus across all levels. A schedule is created where each teacher will create a Site for a subtopic of a subject. This schedule ensures that each subtopic of each subject is covered without being overlapped or repeated. Through this initiative, the school will always have over 1,000 Sites within a year as the school has about 100 teachers.

Assigning homework and monitoring students progress

Before school holidays begin, Cikgu Fadzlin will gather teachers to come together to create homework using Assignments and then assigning them to students. The purpose of assigning homework to students online is so that students can access their assignments easily, eliminating the excuse that they left their homework in school. Through Assignments, teachers are able to monitor who has completed their homework and who hasn’t. Teachers would also create or assign quizzes to students where they are able to effectively monitor students progress via FrogPlay Reports.

Registration for co-curricular activities

This is the school’s early initiatives to use Frog for administration by having students register for co-curricular activities such as games, clubs and uniform units via Frog. Cikgu Fadzlin realised how tedious it was for students to fill up forms and for teachers in-charge to collect these forms and decided to introduce Frog into the annual registration process. Ever since then, students have done their co-curricular registrations through Frog and teachers have kept track through the forms submitted online.

Student orders for school books

Every end of the year, students will receive a list of books that they will need for their school syllabus. Without fail, students with their parents will queue at the school’s bookshop to acquire the books needed and Cikgu Fadzlin saw that it was a waste of time to do so. She then introduced Frog into the process where students refer to their book list and register their orders online. Admins of the bookshop will then have time to pack the orders and students will only need to come to the bookshop to collect and make payment.

Bookings for meeting rooms and other school facilities

Before Frog was implemented into the school’s administration, teachers were required to walk to the meeting rooms, library or computer lab to book time slots to use the facilities. But now with Frog being the main platform for administration, teachers are scheduling and booking their time online and they are able to do so even at home. The school admin also monitors these facilities via Frog. This has made management of school facilities more convenient and effective.

PISA test and results

Every year, students need to take a test known as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Teachers are then required to collect student results and key-in the information to be submitted to the Ministry of Education. To do this more efficiently, the school creates a Site that is pinned to the school dashboard where there is a link to the PISA test and a folder for students to upload their results. This has helped teachers save time and decrease workload.

Online notice board

Cikgu Fadzlin noticed that students tend not to listen to announcements during school assemblies. Therefore, she has encouraged teachers to upload the announcement onto the school’s dashboard instead. Announcement done online are more effective as teachers are able to input more information for students to understand better.

Cikgu Fadzlin believes that strategy is important in order to successfully implement Frog in the school’s culture. The school takes initiative to collect RM50 from parents every year where the funds will be used to improve the ICT facilities in school, to maintain the school’s digital devices and to show appreciation to teachers and students by rewarding them with prizes or certificates.

Well done, SMAKL, for putting these practices with Frog into place! Click  here to read more on how the school is engaging the community with Frog.