We are still so powered up from Leaps of Knowledge: Power Up! that happened 2 weeks ago at JW Marriott! Teachers, parents, education stakeholders and partners heard from various keynote speakers and participated in workshops that all culminated to one thing - how we can be Gamechangers of Education and Power Up Classrooms, Communities and the Country!

One of workshops featured Eric Moseley from Talbot County Public Schools in the US, a winner of the FrogPlay World Championships 2018, who spoke about changing the game of a student’s learning journey. In his workshop, Eric shared that he believes students need and should take the lead in learning in order for them to be engaged to learn. For that to happen, teachers need to hand over some of that control back to the students.

The illusion of choice

During the summer, just months before the final year examinations, Eric gave his students a choice to choose their own grade (the subject result of their choice). He created FrogPlay Quizzes with a mix of questions - some questions were for assessment while the rest were for revision. Then, he gave his students two options - to take the same quiz for as many times as they wanted with the average score being the end result OR they can study the lesson first before taking the quiz to score better. This made students feel like they have control in achieving the grade of their choice.

Tailored help

When teachers attend to a student’s query during lessons, they could potentially lose the interest of other students. Through FrogPlay Reports, Eric could identify students’ strengths and weaknesses from the quizzes they completed. He could then group students with similar problem areas and tailor the learning content to help them improve. This method allowed other students to move forward in their learning journey while he focused on those that needed more attention.

Change the game

As the lead IT technician in the school, Eric is asked to research on the best education platforms to be utilised in teaching and learning on an annual basis. He shared that through all his research, he came to a conclusion that Frog is the most suitable platform for teaching and learning because the available content, applications and digital tools on Frog are built and specialised for education in schools.

He added that, “Most classrooms today are still set the same way as classrooms 100 years ago. Technology has brought on incredible change to our daily lives, why shouldn’t it change the way we educate?” Eric believes that disruption makes us better educators, and teachers should be ready to change the way they teach

Visit https://www.leapsofknowledge.com/workshoplist/ to find out more about Eric’s workshop and also check out the other workshops that took place at Leaps of Knowledge: Power Up!