Just the night before on 28 November, we hosted our very first Awards Night, in collaboration with YTL Foundation, at the JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur. It was a spectacular night where we invited all our winners of the YTL Foundation Schools Awards, 1BestariNet Teacher Awards and the Frog Championships. We wanted to celebrate and appreciate schools for their tremendous efforts in bringing education to the next level through 21st Century teaching and learning. Read about it  here.

At the beginning of the year, we aimed for 2018 to encourage and inspire schools, teachers, students and even parents in raising the bar in education. We have witnessed amazing impact throughout the year, and we wanted motivate schools to continue pushing past boundaries by powering up!

The following day on 29 November, we closed a fantastic year with our Leaps of Knowledge Conference. The conference, themed “Power Up!”, was aimed to recognise educators and parents as superheroes, known as the Gamechangers in education, and empowering them to continue raising the bar in education by doing things differently - the 21st Century way! More than 1,000 participants attended the conference where they were brought on a journey to learn and develop new skills to power up classrooms, communities and the country.

"In this year alone, we have seen improvement in student attendance and confidence as well as academic performance, with quiz results improving by as much as 46%. Students were also motivated to do revision proactively, in fact, we captured a total of 2 million hours spent on self-revision. Apart from that, 669 schools saved up to RM1 million collectively by going paperless in teaching and learning, with the help of Frog. We are delighted to work with teachers and other education content creators to produce ready-to-use content. We now have ready-to-use teaching and learning content covering the entire Malaysian syllabus. I'm very proud to say we have levelled up – together," said Lou, our Executive Director.


Leaps of Knowledge: Power Up! kicked off with keynote speaker, Kiran Bir Sethi, Founder of Design For Change and the Riverside School in Ahmedabad. Kiran spoke about the “I Can” movement she started to empower children and spread the message that every person is born special and should use their gifts to change the world and lend a hand whenever needed, simply because we can.


The second keynote was presented by Cheryl Ann Fernando, the inspirational teacher portrayed in the Malaysian film, Adiwiraku. Her message was that each of us is a superhero and we can each be a good leader if we put our mind to it. She empowered teachers to create a brighter future for themselves, their students, and the nation as a whole.


Participants were able to attend two workshop sessions. The compulsory workshop, FrogMaker, featured Boost Sites and Community Quizzes and how teachers can create quality Sites and Quizzes for teaching and learning. The workshop focused on guiding teachers to collaborate in building a strong and sustainable bank of teaching material, where teachers nationwide can access the material bank to power up together. 6 elective workshops were tailored to help teachers achieve specific goals, discuss real challenges and how to overcome them, with speakers sharing real-life experiences to further inspire the teachers. Teachers also had the opportunity to learn about creating a safe space for students to empower them to do more in their education. Visit the Leaps of Knowledge website https://www.leapsofknowledge.com/workshoplist/ for more information and download the workshop materials!


At the end of the Conference, everyone committed themselves to Power Up Classrooms, Communities and the Country by pledging themselves to be Gamechangers in education! Thank you, teachers and parents, for attending the Conference and making the event a huge success! Watch the video below to have a sneak peek of what powering up looks like: