FrogAsia lays the foundation towards powering up communities that are innovative, skilled and capable of change. The award-winning Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) expands on current teaching and learning methodologies to build a whole new culture of education, beginning from leadership and learning communities to relevant content and infrastructure and rounded up with professional development and on-ground execution.

Leaders and school communities should have a clear, realistic and sustainable vision which is student-centric. It is everyone’s responsibility to establish a positive culture and affect change within a community. Good leadership is one of the key factors to build a successful school. We believe that headteachers  set the pace in schools by first learning and then leading by example.

Here is what Puan Norsiah, Headmistress of SMK Air Molek and winner of 1BestariNet Teacher Awards, sets the pace for the implementation and cultivation of Frog into the school’s system:

Appointing and training teachers to be Frog Advocates of the school

Puan Norsiah appointed and trained 10 teachers to be Frog Advocates through the Hub Modules. 116 teachers were then divided equally and placed under these Frog Advocates to be trained as well. In 2017, she successfully saw to 100% usage of e-RPH (daily lesson plans) by all teachers in the school.

Starting a Frog Hub for leaders of schools

When Puan Norsiah was transferred to SMK Air Molek, she set out to start a Frog Hub that would be targeted specifically to leaders of schools such as principals and teachers in leadership. She conducted all her trainings using the Hub Modules.

Creating and fully utilising the school dashboard on Frog

All school information are made readily available online including extracurricular activities and schedules, academic performance and progress reports, student affairs, teachers’ profiles and other administration documents. Puan Norsiah also attest to the school being paperless as they fully utilise the online platform.

Utilising FrogSnap for all school programs and activities

She started using FrogSnap to capture things on the go and shared it directly with teachers or on the school dashboard. She then began encouraging teachers use the FrogSnap application to document all school programs and classroom activities. Photos are uploaded onto the school dashboard which allows the school’s community and anyone who has access to be updated on school happenings and events.

Encouraging parents to be Frog Advocates of the school

Puan Norsiah started a program for parents to encourage them to use Frog that would allow them to be more involved and updated on school and classroom activities. Although not many parents participated, this is a starting point for Puan Norsiah to increase parent involvement within the school.


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