A parent’s attitude and perception towards education can influence a child in their learning journey. Across the nation, parents are starting to realise the importance of their involvement and we, at FrogAsia, provide a platform that bridges the gap and allows parents to stay connected with what is happening in school.

We came across SK Sungai Abong, a school in Johor, where parents take proactive steps to be constantly involved and active in helping the school reach its potential in 21st Century education. The school started using Frog in 2012 and has an active PIBG (Parent-Teacher Association) and PIBK (Parent-Community Association) committee. The PIBK strongly supports the PIBG in improving the school’s infrastructure so that students have a conducive environment that supports 21st Century learning.


Engaging parents

Back in 2015, the school organised a campaign for students and parents to activate their YES IDs to login to Frog. This was a stepping stone for parents to gain exposure to Frog. The campaign was successful when it sparked parents’ interest in knowing more about Frog. The PIBG immediately took action by creating parent engagement initiatives to help parents learn and understand more about Frog.

The school setup a parent portal where parents can easily access by logging in with their YES IDs to monitor and check their children’s progress and school activities. Besides that, the PIBG and PIBK committee created WhatsApp and Telegram group chats so that parents can ask questions anytime, anywhere about Frog. Updates and announcements on FrogPlay, the Frog Championships and other Frog information are also shared in the group chat. Teachers would often send photos of students using FrogPlay in school and this intrigue parents further to know more about the mechanics of FrogPlay and the Frog Championships.

This prompted the PIBK to organise workshops where parents guided other parents in understanding how to use Frog, how FrogPlay works and what the Frog Championships were all about. The workshops were conducted once every 3 months in school and since then, parents have become very supportive of Frog and began stepping up to do more for the school.


Parents take the lead

SK Sungai Abong had no proper ICT facilities except the few working desktops in their ICT room. When Frog Admin Puan Siti Sariyana introduced the concept of the Frog Classroom to parents, they were very supportive and eager for the school to apply for one. When their application was approved, parents got to work immediately and were very committed to prepare the space for the Frog Classroom. Although most of them were from a low income background, parents were still very determined to contribute. They did all that they could to find ways and seek sponsors to obtain the funds to set up the Frog Classroom.

Other than that, parents have become very active in group chats and started sharing quiz codes with one another so that their children can benefit from the quizzes on FrogPlay. Some parents have also created their own learning groups where they meet up to help one another with Frog, like how to access and share Sites and Quizzes.

“Parents can see the benefits of Frog and how it has given positive impact to their children. We believe that if we don’t step in and step up to support our children in their learning journey, they won’t be able to progress further. When parents are on-board and, more importantly, know how to use Frog, they can continue to encourage learning at home.” - Puan Emy Marfariza binti Mokhtarudin, Parent and PIBK Committee


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