We are always striving to raise the bar in education that brings positive impact to a students’ academic progress. But we ask ourselves - is that all we want students to achieve for their education? We want to raise students that are bold in taking charge of their learning journey, a community of students that are confident and able to inspire and support their peers. And we found a group of students, also known as the Frog Squad, in SMK Jalan Reko who are taking their learning journey to the next level.

SMK Jalan Reko began its journey with Frog in 2016 when the Frog Admin, Cikgu Jalil, was transferred from the afternoon to morning session. When he was transferred from afternoon to morning session, he was given the responsibility to handle Frog VLE in the school. Since then, the school has been awarded various government recognition on a district or state level for best student, best teacher and best school. Cikgu Jalil is an active Gold Advocate and has won third place in the 1BestariNet Teacher Awards (1BNTA) 2017, and was also a 1BNTA 2018 finalist.

In SMK Jalan Reko, all classes have their own Sites which are built by the students. When a students miss a class, they are able to refer to the class Site to get updates on what they’ve missed. This has created a great sense of ownership, responsibility and communication among students to ensure that their fellow peers are on the right track. Not only that, Cikgu Jalil’s specially selected team of students, the Frog Squad, have been trained to help and guide their fellow peers, and also to assist teachers as well. 

Cikgu Jalil often conducts weekly workshops on Frog and has a team of students who assist him, in these workshops, to showcase the positive outcomes and effectiveness of students using Frog in learning. This has helped students gain a significant level of confidence in speaking and presenting in front of a community. The success of Frog in SMK Jalan Reko is driven by the student community in the school as students show a high level of interest in Frog.Well done, students! Read more on SMK Jalan Reko’s best practices in using Frog as well as other schools in Selangor that are raising the bar in education with Frog - https://frogasia.com/en/impact-stories-selangor.

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