Through providing a platform that enables nationwide sharing, we dream to be able to level the education playing field for every child in the country, and ultimately transforming the education landscape in Malaysia. We create an ecosystem that enables teachers to be creative with their lessons, and share their ideas to teachers in other schools. Through this synergy and collaborative effort, students benefit from high quality content that tailors to their learning needs.

We want to connect communities together and showcase the potential of a community-driven content ecosystem. Thus, we created FrogPlay Community Quizzes. This platform gives all teachers the opportunity to share and endorse quizzes that are made accessible to all schools across the country. Schools like SJK(C) Choong Cheng in Kedah have since been actively creating and sharing quizzes on the Community Quiz platform.

SJK(C) Choong Cheng is an under-enrolled school (Sekolah Kurang Murid) with not more than 50 students. The success of Frog in the school is driven by teamwork of the community. Frog Admin Ms Chew Soo Lee is always encouraging teachers and students to use Frog all the time. With the support of an understanding Headmistress Madam Ooi Saw Tin, the school has adopted Frog fully into teaching and learning. Parents are also very supportive and are actively involved in school activities and events.  

Even as an underdog, the school was first place in the FrogPlay Championship 2017 and World Champion in the FrogPlay World Championships 2018. Through collective effort of the entire school community, SJK(C) Choong Cheng won first place in FrogPlay Championship 2017, being an inspiration that a rural and under-enrolled school could win a national level competition.

This year, the school did not shy away from the FrogPlay World Championships and have proven themselves to be a worthy contender on a world stage by claiming the World Champion title! During the competition, the school realised the need for more Chinese content. Teachers came together to create quizzes everyday which resulted in more than 29,000 quiz questions created and shared on Community Quizzes. To ensure that there will be a sustainable supply of Chinese content, the school, with support from the local PKG and PPD, came together with 25 other SJK(C) schools in the district to create more Chinese content and shared them on Community Quizzes as well.

We are extremely proud of SJK(C) Choong Cheng! Read more about their best practices along with other schools from Kedah -

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