Happy New Year and welcome back to the Lilypad!

We hope you had an amazing time of rest and bonding with family and friends throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays. During the holidays, we were busy powering up some pretty big things for 2019! 😉

Last year, we levelled up by raising the bar in education. This year, we are focusing on powering up Classrooms, Communities and the Country! Remember Leaps of Knowledge: Power Up! that happened in November last year? If you missed out, read all about it  here.


Powering Up Classrooms

The journey of learning should be one that introduces students to a world that opens doors to endless possibilities. At FrogAsia, we believe students need to be equipped with knowledge, skills and experiences that would help them thrive in a world that is constantly changing and evolving. In order to do so, we need to reimagine how children can learn today and provide them with that space to explore and expand their creativity.

We are on a mission to establish 1,000 Frog Classrooms in Malaysia by transforming classrooms into 21st Century learning spaces! The Frog Classroom Programme is a makeover project designed to transform classrooms into vibrant 21st Century learning spaces. The transformation of these classrooms is done in partnership with YTL Foundation and the school community. Find out more at www.frogclassroom.com and apply for a Frog Classroom today!

Click on www.leapsofknowledge.com/power-up-the-classroom to find out more on how you can power up your classroom through the YTL Foundation Schools Awards and the Frog Championships as well!


Powering Up Communities

We want to lay the foundation towards powering up communities that are innovative, skilled and capable of change. The award-winning Frog Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) expands on current teaching and learning methodologies to build a whole new culture of education, beginning from leadership and learning communities to relevant content and infrastructure and rounded up with professional development and on-ground execution.

You can power up by joining our Hubs Community! Named after Malaysians’ favourite food, our Hubs Modules are built for different aspects of 21st Century education. Some are designed for teachers to come together and engage in physical live workshops that take place at our Hubs. Others are meant for administrators and senior leaders to enable and ease adoption of 21st Century teaching and learning in schools. There are also comprehensive self-access online modules that allow teachers to learn Frog at their own pace.

Click here www.leapsofknowledge.com/power-up-the-community to download the FrogHub app and join our nearest workshops!


Powering Up The Country

We are constantly building a repository of high-quality content that is sustainable, easing the burden of teachers across the country, and enabling students to learn at their own pace, regardless of location and background. We want to give teachers and students access to high-quality curated teaching and learning content, and the opportunity to share and endorse quizzes that are made accessible to all schools across the country.

Join our movement to power up the country by contributing to the nationwide content bank. Start by joining our FrogMaker events to contribute to Boost, and create and share your quizzes or endorse quizzes created by teachers on FrogPlay Community Quiz! Click here www.leapsofknowledge.com/power-up-the-country for more information.


So, are you ready to POWER UP? Kickstart the new year with a bang and commit yourselves to Power Up Classrooms, Communities and the Country! Stay tuned for a big year ahead.