It’s that time of the year again where your child go back to school. The days of going to bed late and sleeping in, with no homework or revision to worry about, are coming to an abrupt end and getting your child back into their academic routines can seem like a big challenge. So how do you smoothly transition your child back into their school routine?

Here are 5 ways to help you get your child back on track:-

Re-adjusting sleep patterns

One of the most difficult things about getting back into the groove for school is getting into the routine of waking up early again. The first week of school is usually exhausting for students as they are not used to waking up early and being productive all day. As the week of school is approaching, get your child into the routine of waking up early at the same time every day. And that means, getting them to bed early at the same time every day, too!


Restarting the school routine early

One of the simplest ways to get back into the groove for school is to restart the routine early. Re-establish old routines a few days before your child actually goes back to school. Some of the ways that you can practice getting your child back into the swing are by putting out their clothes the night before and setting reminders and alarms on their phones.


Reducing screen time

There’s a high chance that your child has spent quite a bit of their time on their phones or watching TV during the holidays. When school starts, and they have to put down the technology and open up a book, it can be challenging for them. Weaning your child off devices can make the transition easier. Limit the amount of time they can spend on devices and only allowing a certain amount of time each day. This will help make the shift easier.


Refocusing academic priorities

Another transition that can be rough after a long break is homework completion and revision time. Provide your child with a structured schedule that can help them stay focused, such as completing homework as soon as school is over. Don’t forget to give lots of encouragement and assistance to keep them motivated. Providing snacks are also a great way to keep your child’s energy up while they work out those tough math problems!


Just talk about it!

Talking about the upcoming school year can be exciting for your child. Talk to them about their plans for the school year and what they look forward to achieve. This can allow them to feel excited and motivated about all that they have to look forward to and all that they can achieve this year.


The start of a new school year can be a time for parents to reflect on the growth and progress your child has made in year. Warm up their engines by joining our Back-To-School Challenge that just launched yesterday! Find out more about how your child can participate and win at