Since the launch of the FrogPlay Championship in 2017, schools across Malaysia have shown great motivation and determination to win the Champion title. When we took the competition to an international stage in 2018, we saw schools driven beyond motivation and determination. Schools began strategically implementing effective teaching and learning methods that led to sustainable impact and significant improvement in results! Through the utilisation of ready-to-use content, we saw primary schools increase up to 12% in subject scores, while secondary schools saw an increase of up to 46%. But what does this mean for schools?

This is how 3 schools won the Championship through using Frog in their Teaching & Learning:

Yardleys School in the UK, third place winner of the FrogPlay World Championship last year, has been using FrogPlay for more than 10 years. During the Championships, the school implemented FrogPlay for homework throughout the school to encourage students to complete their homework while achieving better results. The school flipped the flow by using quizzes as content for education instead of assessment. This resulted in more students using FrogPlay for learning, and eventually lead to better learning outcomes as the quizzes also prepared students for examinations. Through the homework strategy, teachers were able to identify students with below-average grades across weekly quizzes.

Following a Diagnose, Therapy & Test approach, classroom lessons can be more focused to help students improve in their understanding of the subject (Therapy), and be tested again via FrogPlay weekly quizzes (Test). Teachers can then monitor diagnostics generated automatically through FrogPlay Reports (Diagnose) to determine if a student will need to go through the Therapy and Test stages again. With consistency in the approach, student results showed an increase in grade across an average of all subjects.


SK Petani Jaya has since come a long way when they started using Frog. During the Championships, the school’s English Panel collaborated to help students improve in English. Teachers were not only assigning available FrogPlay quizzes to students, but they were also creating quizzes and contributing to Community Quizzes. Cikgu Norsapina Khan, an English teacher, had contributed more than 300 English quizzes, created to help her students learn and understand the language better. Tailoring quizzes to students’ needs has proven to be effective when 63% of Year 6 Cekal students passed in English Comprehension during their mid-year exams, which is an increase from the 42% during the March test.


Since 2013, SMK Taman Ria has been using Frog in school. Their successful teaching and learning strategies during the Frog Championships had earned the school first place on a national level for secondary school category in the Level Up: Math challenge. The school’s Frog VLE committee drove various initiatives to encourage the use of Frog throughout the Championships. 

One of these successful strategies is the “MAT-BISA” Programme where teachers made full use of ready-to-use Frog Boost content to teach English, Maths and Science. This programme was held to encourage teachers to make use of  available content on Frog and promoted more efficient use of time to prepare and conduct lessons. Teachers found Frog Boost convenient and the customisable option allowed teachers to easily focus their lessons to help students in targeted areas and topics.

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