Learning content is a subject-specific language that is being taught in school subjects. The component of these content encompasses important facts, principles and concepts to achieve specific learning outcomes of the subject. With a firm grasp on the definitions of content, we realised a crucial need to provide learning content that is aligned with the Malaysian standards of education. Thus, we created Frog Boost!

Frog Boost is designed to support teachers in blended learning practices and students in self-directed learning. In collaboration with Pelangi Publishing Group and subject expert teachers, we created Boost Sites that are subject-based and curriculum-aligned to the Malaysian syllabus for Standard 1 to Form 5. These Sites consist of learning standards and goals, lesson resources, activities and quizzes for formative and summative assessment.


By teachers, for teachers

Understanding the importance of high-quality and credible content, we invited experienced subject teachers from across the country to gather with their peers to create Boost Sites. While core content comes from Pelangi, teachers who are experts in the field contribute additional content that can help students learn better.

Cikgu Farah from SK Jalan Raja Muda

We interviewed Cikgu Farah Ahmad from SK Jalan Raja Muda who joined FrogMaker, an event where selected subject-expert teachers come together to share ideas and resources, and collaborate to create Boost Sites.

FrogAsia: Hi, Cikgu! Thank you for taking time to have a chat with us. Could you share on how you got started as a FrogMaker?

Cikgu Farah: I was very honoured to have been recognized and invited to join FrogMaker. During the initial stage, we had a meeting with FrogAsia Consultants and Datin Nawal Salleh, who has vast experience and significant contributions to the education in Malaysia. They explained that we are now part of a Frog Advocate Content team and will be creating Boost Sites with Pelangi.

But before we began building content, we worked together to come up with the ICE BLENDED module, which is a module on how to create Boost Sites. We also solidified a suitable template. Once we established that, the first FrogMaker event was hosted in FrogAsia where teachers from across all states came together to share ideas and resources to create Boost Sites.

FrogAsia: How many FrogMaker events have you attended and what are the Boost Sites that you’ve created?

Cikgu Farah: I’ve attended several events held in different states. The reason to gather teachers from different states is so that we are all contributing ideas that cater to different student needs. I’ve contributed my part in creating Boost Sites for Math, and I’ve also helped curate Boost Sites for English.

FrogAsia: Through your experience, how does it feel to be a FrogMaker?

Cikgu Farah: As a teacher, I understand how important it is to have learning content that teachers can trust and use for class. So when I was invited, I was excited to be able to contribute as a teacher. My experience as a FrogMaker has been a very rewarding and eye-opening one because I was able sit down with so many different teachers to learn about their ideas and to share my own. And as a teacher, I’m proud to say that we’ve created something sustainable that will benefit schools in Malaysia.


Teachers benefit from Frog Boost

Cikgu Normizan from SK Datok Keramat 2

In establishing Frog Boost, we also needed to know that it works! So we sat down with Cikgu Normizan Mohamad Azmi from SK Datok Keramat 2 to get her perspective and feedback.

FrogAsia: Hi, Cikgu! Thank you for being here today to share your experience with us. Can you tell us how you usually prepare your lessons for class?

Cikgu Mizan: Before Frog Boost, I was always creating my own Sites for lessons. Although easy, it still takes up quite a bit of my time because I have to put in my lesson notes and sources for classroom activities. Since Frog Boost was introduced, it has definitely sped up the process of preparing daily lessons. I would just download the Boost Site and use it as it is, because it already contains learning objectives, notes and activities that are aligned to the curriculum standards. And the plus point is that I could also edit and customize Boost Sites to add in my own materials. It’s so simple and convenient!

FrogAsia: As a teacher, how do you feel about Frog Boost?

Cikgu Mizan: It’s very important that the content I use to teach my students is credible and aligned with the syllabus set by the Ministry of Education. As Boost Sites are created by teachers, it’s reassuring to know that the content I’m using for my students have been curated by expert teachers.

I personally feel that Frog Boost is such a big leap for teachers. As a teacher, I have quite a lot to do in school, not just preparing and conducting classroom lessons. So Frog Boost has helped decrease workload significantly because the content is not only credible and suitable, but also ready-made. You have no idea how convenient it has been for me to just access the Frog VLE and download Boost Sites for my classes!

FrogAsia: Are there any other ways that Frog Boost has helped you as a teacher?

Cikgu Mizan: Definitely! Sometimes, teachers are on-duty to take on relief classes and we may not be teaching that particular subject. But Boost Sites are designed to include the learning objectives and outcomes of a topic. So as a relief teacher, I can easily refer to the objectives and outcomes stated in the Site and help students through the notes provided.

FrogAsia: Has Frog Boost benefited your students?

Cikgu Mizan: Yes, it has. Their learning has become more self-directed through Boost Sites because notes and activities for a topic are provided. So while I focus on helping my weaker students, other students learn the topic on their own and will approach me when they need help. Through self-directed learning, I can see my students becoming more independent and capable.

Besides that, Boost Sites are extremely beneficial for students who are preparing for major exams. As Frog Boost provides content for Standard 1 to Form 5 syllabus, it’s easy for students to do their revision for major exams such as UPSR, PT3 and SPM. They can just access the content on Frog and do their own revision in school or at home.

FrogAsia: Thank you, Cikgu! Before we end, is there anything you would like to add?

Cikgu Mizan: I just want to say that Frog Boost really works! It is a great benefit for teachers and students, and I personally feel that all teachers should just make full use of the content. I can’t wait for more content to be available for more subjects!


Boost Sites are available and downloadable via the Boost application on the Frog VLE quick launch. Now that you’ve read what teachers have said, power up your journey with Frog through Frog Boost! Join the Frog World Championship and start using Boost Sites! Learn more about the Championship here at www.frogchampionships.com.