As the world moves into a digital age, we need to evolve our traditional concepts in order to adapt to change. 21st Century teaching and learning is the future of education, but what does it really mean? It is not just about using technology in education, but more importantly, it is about harnessing the advantages of technology to make teaching and learning interactive and fun.

All schools across Malaysia have been given access to the Frog VLE platform, a virtual learning environment designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences with 21st Century products and solutions. Since 2006, we have seen how students thrive in their learning journey and achieve amazing outcomes through Frog.

FrogPlay for serious learning

Sharveen Maniyarasu scored 8A's in UPSR

We interviewed Sharveen Maniyarasu, former Year 6 student from SJK(T) Ladang Edinburgh, to know more about his learning journey and impressive academic achievements through FrogPlay.

FrogAsia: Hello Sharveen! We’re so glad to be able to hear from you. Could you tell us your UPSR results?

Sharveen: I got 8A’s for UPSR and I’m so happy! My mother is also very happy.

FrogAsia: Wow, congratulations, Sharveen! How were you able to achieve such outstanding results in UPSR?

Sharveen: Everyday after I finish my homework and school exercises, I will do my revision on FrogPlay. I revise for a different subject each day.

FrogAsia: Could you share with me how learning was like for you before and after FrogPlay?

Sharveen: Learning was quite boring before FrogPlay. It’s always just looking at the whiteboard or reading from the textbook, and then finishing our classroom exercise and homework. Since FrogPlay, I really enjoy learning so much more! While I do quizzes, I also get to play games. Being able to play games motivates me do more quizzes.

FrogAsia: You were a student champion in the Frog Championships. Did competing in the Frog Championships help you improve in your subjects?

Sharveen: Yes, because I wanted to win! I was doing a lot of quizzes during the Frog Championships, and doing more quizzes really helped me improve in my subjects. Even though the Frog Championships Level Up were focused on English, Maths and Science, I was also doing quizzes for other subjects. So I improved not only in English, Maths and Science, but in all my subjects.

FrogAsia: Do you like FrogPlay?

Sharveen:Yes! FrogPlay has helped me learn better. There are so many quizzes that help me learn and understand my subjects. When I keep doing quizzes, I am learning more and having fun at the same time because I get to play games. Having fun motivates me to continue learning. So, that’s why I really like FrogPlay!


Parents support FrogPlay in learning

Sharveen and his mother, Puan Fatimah

We also spoke to Sharveen’s proud mother, Puan Fatimah, to get a parent’s perspective of FrogPlay for 21st Century learning.

FrogAsia: Puan Fatimah, you must be so proud of Sharveen’s achievements! How did you support Sharveen in his studies?

Puan Fatimah: I always encourage Sharveen to do his own revision. Sharveen was the one who taught me how to use FrogPlay, and since then, I always help and guide him in his revision. Seeing the improvement in all his subjects, I am very supportive of Sharveen using FrogPlay for revision.

FrogAsia: Would you say that FrogPlay has played a pivotal role in Sharveen’s education?

Puan Fatimah: It definitely has, and the proof is in his UPSR results. Sharveen really likes to play games, just like any child. But as a parent, I don’t want him to waste time in playing games that are not beneficial. So naturally, I wouldn’t allow Sharveen to play online or mobile games.

Sharveen and his family

When he told me about FrogPlay, I doubted that it was going to be any different than all the other games. But he showed me what FrogPlay really is - a platform that allowed him to learn and play games at the same time. I was all for it and his achievement is the results of his consistent revision on FrogPlay.

FrogAsia: How would you encourage other parents to be involved in their children’s education?

Puan Fatimah: Parents need to stay connected with what is happening in school. We need to know what the school is doing and also what our children are doing. When we have better awareness, we will know how and what we need to do to support our children in education.

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