We believe every child is born unique and should be given equal opportunities to unlock their potential. For this, we strive to level the playing in education, where every child have access to quality education and a chance to uncover their capabilities. So, what does this mean for special needs schools and their students?

This is Izzati binti Ibrahim.

She was born in 2002, but Izzati’s parents would later discover that she has some difficulty in learning. Realising that she would not be on par with her peers in school, Izzati grew discouraged and became an introvert. She was then enrolled into Sekolah Menengah (SM) Pendidikan Khas Vokasional Merbok in 2016 that caters to special need students with hearing impairment, difficulty in learning and physical disabilities, where she could learn at her own pace.

“Izzati was a very quiet child and was always on her own. She wouldn’t mix around with the others and she didn’t quite like to participate in classroom activities either,” said Cikgu Nurul Syuhada, one of Izzati’s teachers.

However, Izzati’s behaviour began to change when teachers started using Frog in class. Lessons were integrated with more interactive content through Sites and learning assessments were done through FrogPlay. “I saw how Izzati slowly came out of her shell and became more involved in class. Not only did she show more interest in her studies, but she also became motivated to learn on her own,” said Cikgu Nurul Syuhada.

According to her teachers, Izzati enjoys learning with FrogPlay and has shown improvement across all subjects. “We don’t compare our students’ improvement to impressive results. An improvement by 1-2 marks means a lot to us because our students are special and they learn at their own level,” said Cikgu Nurul Izani, Frog Admin.

When Frog Championships: Level Up was announced, teachers used the competition to encourage students to complete quizzes in class. Students were doing their best throughout the competition and their efforts led the school to win second place on a national level for secondary school category in Level Up: English!Thank you, SM Pendidikan Khas Vokasional Merbok, for inspiring us to continue doing what we do so that every child can have equal access to quality education, regardless of location and background.

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