What are the benefits of teaching with technology? Teachers and parents need to acknowledge that children are already interested and engaged in using technology. This actually creates many amazing opportunities for schools to benefit from integrating technology in the classroom, making teaching and learning more effective.

Mr Nagalingam A/L Alagendran, teacher from SK St Anthony

We recently had a wonderful chat with Mr Nagalingam A/L Alagendran, first place winner under the teacher category for the Frog Championships: Level Up English. Mr Naga is a Mathematics and Science teacher in SK St Anthony, and he also teaches Year 6 students English. Here’s what he has to share about using Frog in his classes:

FrogAsia: Thank you for your time, Mr Naga! Could you share with us how you got started in teaching with technology?

Mr Naga: I’m actually an explorer - I love exploring new things! And it also helps that I have a degree in Information Technology, so that makes me a pro-technology teacher. But when I was introduced to Frog, it became a real gamechanger in my teaching methods. I was previously teaching in Sarawak where there weren’t solid opportunities for me to utilise technology in class. But when I was transferred to SK St Anthony in 2016, I learned about the Frog VLE platform and I just jumped right to it!

FrogAsia: Wow, it sounds like you really like using Frog!

Mr Naga: I do! Frog has made my work easier - so much easier! It’s every teacher’s prerogative to make lessons fun and interesting. Before Frog, I had to manually prepare creative materials through paper crafts or drawing on the board. With Frog, I could insert colourful pictures, interesting sounds and interactive videos through Sites. It’s easy and it’s definitely more appealing to my students.

FrogAsia: Could you share with us what applications do you normally use for teaching?

Mr Naga: Before FrogPlay and Frog Boost were available, I created my own Sites and Quizzes. I still do so, especially Sites, because it allows me to use widgets like Forum where I can start online discussions with my students. Now with FrogPlay and Frog Boost, it’s even better and easier for me.

FrogAsia: Why do you find it better and easier with FrogPlay and Frog Boost?

Mr Naga: Because of the content. Not only is the content ready-to-use, it's also very easy to use. All I need to do is search for the quizzes and topics that I want, and just share and assign them to my students. Sometimes I assign Boost Sites to my students before a lesson so that they can learn it at home. Then the next day, instead of a regular lesson where I teach in front of the class, the lesson would become a discussion of the topic.

FrogAsia: It seems Frog Boost has changed your teaching methods.

Mr Naga: Indeed it has! In my opinion, what makes Frog Boost a very good application is that it literally gives teachers and students a boost! Usually my students don’t bother much about learning their notes or completing their homework. But through Frog Boost, they are actually paying attention to the notes, doing the activities and exercises and even completing the assessments through FrogPlay quizzes. I can honestly say that my students are more motivated to learn now, thanks to FrogPlay and Frog Boost.

FrogAsia: This is amazing to hear! How would you encourage teachers who have doubts to start using technology in class, given the positive benefits and outcomes that you have just shared with us?

Mr Naga: I would tell teachers to try it first before having doubts. And for teachers who are pro-technology like myself, I hope they will help their fellow teachers who are not. For me, I give all my teachers a push! I conduct workshops to teach them on how to use Frog and now a lot of them have started to use Frog for their own teaching. All they need is just for someone who is willing to help and guide them. So I will continue to do my best and I hope others like me will continue to give a helping hand to teachers who need it.

Thank you, Mr Naga, for giving us incredible insight and inspiration! Last year, over 900 Boost Sites were created for English, Maths and Science. Together with Pelangi and Frog Advocate Teachers, we are launching more lessons for more subjects on Frog Boost. Stay tuned!