What a spectacular weekend we had! The FrogAsia team travelled to Perak for kLeaps, a community-based Leaps of Knowledge event. It was an honour and a privilege to work collaboratively with the Perak state education department, schools and Frog Advocates or VLE Facilitators to ensure this event was a huge success!

We were so excited to see more than 3,000 school leaders, teachers, students and parents from across 1,000 schools in Perak participating in kLeaps! The event was also attended by YB Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Bari, Chairman of the Technology, Science and Environment Education Committee, Puan Hajah Rahimah binti Mohamed, Head of the Academic Management Department in the Perak State Education Department, Datin Kathleen Chew, Program Director of YTL Foundation and Tuan Haji Zulkifli bin Idris, Head of ICT Information Management.

In English: “To the 139 Frog Advocates or Facilitators who have tirelessly and voluntarily sacrificed time and energy to train teachers to use Frog for 21st Century learning, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Your efforts and generosity have greatly impacted many teachers and students.”

During the Q&A session, Lou interviewed Headmaster Encik Fuad bin Ramli from SK Besout 5 and Headmistress Datin Hajah Rogayah binti Sukor from SMK Raja Perempuan. Both school leaders shared how their schools have grown through successful adoption of Frog. They urged fellow school leaders to step up and lead schools towards 21st Century education. 

Lou also interviewed Puan Roseni binti Mohd Nusi who is an active Frog Advocate in Perak. She shared how Frog has benefitted teachers and students in teaching and learning, and she urged for school communities to come together and be involved as a whole for 21st Century practices to be cultivated into teaching and learning.

From the left: Encik Fuad bin Ramli, Datin Hajah Rogayah binti Sukor, Puan Roseni binti Mohd Nusi

Various workshop sessions were held to cater to the different needs faced by teachers. LASSI workshops were conducted to help school leaders and Frog Admins understand the 5-step journey in leading schools towards 21st Century teaching and learning practices with Frog. Meet, Share and Learn sessions were also held where teachers shared with and learned from one another the best practices to lead schools into 21st Century education with Frog.

Besides that, a TEH O workshop was conducted for Frog Appliance schools where teachers shared their concerns and suggestions to overcome the challenges faced by schools located in remote areas. While workshop sessions were ongoing, parents were in the main hall for a panel talk with YTL Foundation to learn how to raise funds for a Frog Classroom.

Students participating in the kLeaps Carnival challenge

Students were actively participating in the kLeaps Carnival challenge where they were educated on the Global Goals through Boost Sites and FrogPlay quizzes. They also had to complete different activities that were symbolic to each Global Goal. At the end of the day, students from SBP Integrasi Gopeng were announced the victors of the challenge!

Once again, we want to thank the Perak state education department, schools and Frog Advocates or VLE Facilitators for making the kLeaps event a huge success! Follow us on social media to stay tuned for more upcoming happenings and events.