Last year, you levelled up by playing, improving and winning in the Frog Championships: Level Up for English, Maths and Science. This year, all core subjects are getting a boost through the Frog Championships: Boost Your Play! Through the newly launched Boost Sites, we now cater to more subjects - Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Tamil, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Add Maths, TMK, RBT, Pendidikan Islam and Moral.

The Frog Championships aim to help teachers and students up their game in teaching and learning - the fun, 21st Century way! However, we’ve seen how school communities have come together to overcome challenges and obstacles to stand a chance to win in the competition. And we believe, these communal and collaborative efforts should be highlighted as examples of best practices to be followed by other schools.

SK Ampangan, Negeri Sembilan

SK Ampangan, first place national winner of Frog Championships: Level Up Math, cultivated sustainable teaching and learning methods with Frog through various initiatives:

“Transforming The Mind” Programme

The school started this programme to educate and guide teachers on how to utilise Frog and digital tools to support teaching and learning. This is aimed to cultivate a strong understanding on the importance of 21st Century education and to get them started to be 21st Century educators. Besides that, the programmed also encouraged teachers to expand their creativity through the use of technology to make teaching and learning more interesting.

Level Up Maths Challenge Programme

In conjunction to the competition, every class dedicated an hour each week to complete as many Maths quizzes on FrogPlay. This is to encourage participation of teachers and students throughout the Championships. Students also got to spend time in revising and improving in Maths.

Engaging and introducing parents to FrogPlay

FrogPlay with Parents

The school gave parents an introduction to FrogPlay and encouraged them to download the FrogPlay mobile application so that students can continue accessing FrogPlay after school. During the Championships, parents were informed about the competition and were brought on-board to drive FrogPlay usage throughout the competition.

Collaboration with IPG

The school collaborated with Institut Perguruan to introduce teachers-in-training who are posted in SK Ampangan to Frog. These teachers are given training on how to utilise Frog for teaching and learning. Not just that, the school collaborated with other schools to provide training on Frog. This initiative had encouraged the school participation throughout the Championships as an entry-level to Frog for teachers-in-training.

Students of SK Ampangan, proud winners of Frog Championships: Level Up Math!

Through these initiatives, the school saw positive impact and outcomes in teachers and students. FrogPlay quizzes contributed greatly in saving time and effort that teachers have to put in to prepare lesson materials. Teachers enjoy teaching even more and are more motivated with better student engagement during lessons through the use of Frog.

When teaching methods improved, so did the learning outcomes. Students are more interested and invested to learn and participate in class. The gamified-learning promoted by FrogPlay has encouraged healthy competition where students are constantly motivated to do better in quizzes to play more games and earn more points. This created a fun and healthy learning environment within the school. Through higher interest and motivation, students have shown significant improvement in Maths.


Well done, SK Ampangan! You can achieve the same for your schools too. Start using FrogPlay and Frog Boost and be in the running of the Frog Championships! Come together as a school community to plan, strategise and overcome challenges to achieve the best possible teaching and learning outcomes. Know more at