For some students, the Frog VLE is a stepping stone into the modern and digital world. For some students, the Frog VLE is an educational platform that has turned learning into a fun and interactive experience.

For Noor Halinah binti Mohamed Ali Jinnah, the Frog VLE was all that and more - it was a necessity she could not live without throughout her schooling years.


Frog embedded as a culture in school
Students of SMK Raja Perempuan utilising the Frog VLE for teaching and learning

Introduced to Frog in secondary school, Noor Halinah shared, “When Puan Syazrin Syimee, our school’s Frog Admin, gave us our student IDs and passwords to log into Frog, I felt excited! I never used a computer in primary school, so I was excited to get started.”

The former Head Prefect of SMK Raja Perempuan shared how Frog was a culture in school. “We used Frog for everything - for homework, revision, lab reports, projects, presentations, the list goes on. It was highly encouraged by our Headmistress, Datin Hajah Rogayah, to cultivate Frog into every aspect of our academics and co-curriculum,” she said.

The use of Frog was not only limited to school, but was continued even at home during school holidays. “Our school has a school holiday programme called “Cuti-Cuti RPS” where teachers assign students with homework and quizzes for revision through Frog. As Frog is accessible anytime, anywhere, there’s no excuse for us to miss out on homework and revision. So it’s really great that I don’t have to worry about forgetting or misplacing my assignments,” said Noor Halinah.


Straight A’s in SPM made possible with FrogPlay
Twin sisters, Noor Halinah and Noor Hasinah, receiving an SPM achievement award from school for scoring Straight A's in SPM 2018

Achieving straight A’s in 9 different SPM subjects is no easy feat, but Noor Halinah shared that she was able to do so with the help of FrogPlay! “I was a Science-stream student, so the core subjects were definitely Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I relied on FrogPlay to complete my weekend revision at home,” she said.

Challenging the popular belief that FrogPlay was only fun and suitable for primary students, Noor Halinah made a statement, “In my opinion, FrogPlay is one of the best revision tools for secondary school students, especially for subjects that have objective questions. As a Science-stream student, I have a lot to do - essays, lab reports, projects. Using FrogPlay is my way of unwinding from the stress of my heavy workload by playing the mini-games as I do my revision at the same time.”


A world beyond the classroom through Frog

With twin sister, Noor Hasinah, who was the Head Girl of the Bestari Brigade, Noor Halinah reminisced their time in school,  “I wasn’t an active student when I was in primary school, but I became very active in secondary school when I started using Frog. I was very involved in projects, activities and competitions.”

SMK Raja Perempuan collaborating with residents of Taman Seri Berjaya and Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI) to clean up the illegal dumpsite for the Toyota Eco Youth 2017 project

When asked how Frog contributed to her involvement and active participation in school, Noor Halinah explained, “When I started using Frog, I gained more exposure and realised that there’s more to just homework and exams in school. I wanted to explore more ways of learning and be a more proactive student.”

In 2017, Noor Halinah headed a team of students and participated in the Toyota Eco Youth competition. Together, they started an 8-month long community project to clear an illegal dumping site near the school. Collaborating with residents of Taman Seri Berjaya, a neighbouring residential area, and Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI), over 7,000 kilograms of rubbish was collected and the site was transformed into a park called “The RPS Minion Park”. Old tyres were put together and painted to look like Minions from the animation movie, Despicable Me.

Throughout the competition, Noor Halinah and her team utilised Frog as a platform to educate the public about wastage and a medium for viewers to leave their feedback and comments. Frog was also used as a presentation tool during the final stages of the competition. Their dedication, hard work and innovative efforts secured SMK Raja Perempuan as the grand prize winner of the Toyota Eco Youth 2017 competition.

SMK Raja Perempuan was the grand prize winner of the Toyota Eco Youth 2017 competition

“Winning the competition was and will always be one of my biggest achievements in life. I would never have stepped up as Project Manager for the competition if I was still my old self - inactive and low in confidence. Through Frog, I gained confidence because I was given access to information and tools that would help me succeed,” Noor Halinah shared with pride and confidence.

She also added, “Being in SMK Raja Perempuan was the best schooling years of my life because everyone in school actively uses Frog. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same experience without Frog. I benefited not only in my studies, but also in everything I’ve done in school. I am definitely going to miss my student dashboard and sharing things with my friends through Frog.”


Noor Halinah will be entering into matriculation as she pursues her ambition to be a doctor. Thank you, Halinah, for sharing your amazing learning journey with Frog and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

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