“We got to where we are today because we never gave up. Discouraged and demotivated at times, yes - but we never gave up,” said Ms Chew Soo Lee, Frog Admin and Gold Advocate from SJKC Choong Cheng, two-time World Champion of the Frog World Championship.

Since winning the FrogPlay Championships in 2017, SJKC Choong Cheng has overcome the perception of rural and under-enrolled schools, and making possible what most have thought to be impossible. A small school with big successes and achievements, SJKC Choong Cheng serves as an inspiration to many schools across Malaysia that no dream is too far-fetched.


Making a statement on a global scale

Upon winning the Frog World Championship last year, SJKC Choong Cheng was presented with an international opportunity to represent Malaysia in an education exchange programme with South Korea. Schools from South Korea shared about the paid online platform that their schools are utilising for education, where more teaching and learning materials will be provided when the school buys expansion packs.

They were very surprised when we shared about the Frog VLE being a single cloud-based platform provided by the Ministry of Education that connects over 10,000 schools in Malaysia. It was a proud moment for us because our country is providing free and equal access to 21st Century education to all government schools,” Ms Chew shared with a sense of pride. Together with her students, she is hoping to be invited to schools in South Korea so that they can do a live demonstration of the Frog VLE.

The Frog World Championship is an international competition where schools across the world compete on FrogPlay to win the World Champion title. Millions of FrogPlay quizzes were completed, but it took accuracy in answering quiz questions to achieve the highest scores. It was no easy feat to make it to the top of the World Leaderboard, but students of SJKC Choong Cheng had proven otherwise!


The rippling effect of success

As a World Champion, all eyes look to SJKC Choong Cheng as a role model. “When we won the Frog World Championship last year, it broke the perception of small, under-enrolled schools not being able to achieve something great or make a difference,” Ms Chew shared.

The school’s success was a ripple effect that impacted SJKC Chung Hwa located in Sik, a neighbouring district to Kuala Muda Yan. The Headmistress of SJKC Chung Hwa Sik reached out to SJKC Choong Cheng to know more about the school’s best practices in using Frog. She also requested for her teachers to be able to join workshops and FrogMaker events that are being conducted for schools in PKG Bujang.

“PPD Sik is actually quite a distance away from PPD Kuala Muda Yan. But teachers from SJKC Chung Hwa are willing to travel all the way to attend workshops and participate in FrogMaker events. It’s really very encouraging to see teachers going the extra mile to learn about Frog and improve their teaching and learning methods,” said Ms Chew.

The Headmistress of SJKC Chung Hwa has since shared with Ms Chew that the school is slowly transforming into a 21st Century learning environment. Teachers have started to use Frog in class and have seen improvement in student attendance. The school also participated in the Frog World Championship and is now motivated to win in the Frog Championships: Boost Your Play.


A solid culture built through strong support

Since 2017 during the FrogPlay Championships, parents have continuously shown and given support to teachers and students to champion 21st Century education through Frog.

“It used to only be a handful of parents who were on-board, but now, it’s every parent. In the past years, they were only helping out in opening the computer lab on weekends. This year, parents have taken the initiative to learn about Frog,” said the Frog Admin. She explained that parents have learned to read student analytics generated by FrogPlay Reports in order to help students do better in answering quizzes.

Ms Chew shared, “Parents don’t just drop off their children at the computer lab anymore - they are now taking the time to accompany their children and go through quizzes together. They are not only more involved in their children’s education, but have also started sharing about Frog to their neighbours." 

Word about Frog reached a parent of a student from SK Tanjung Dawai that he decided to find out more. Soon, parents from both schools reached out to teachers to start a programme where students learn about Frog together. “What is most impressive is that the entire collaboration was driven by parents themselves! They coordinated with teachers to schedule time to have students learn about Frog and complete quizzes on FrogPlay together,” she said.


Congratulations, SJKC Choong Cheng, in becoming the World Champion once again! You are an inspiration to all of us here in FrogAsia and we hope you continue to inspire more schools to be part of the 21st Century education journey. Visit www.frogasia.com/impactstories to read more about how Frog is making positive impact in schools - rural, city, big or small - across all states in Malaysia!

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