FrogPlay will be Upgraded Soon

When lessons are fun, we remember information more easily.
To help teachers facilitate personalised learning in a fun, engaging way,
we launched FrogPlay – a revision application within the Frog VLE.

We hope that these new features continue to empower student decision-making
when learning and offer teachers more customisable quiz functions to help
personalise learning materials and assessments for their classroom!
These upgrades are in process and will be implemented in stages.


FrogPlay for Students

Leaderboard & Mini-Games

1. The Avatars of the Top 3 players are shown.
2. Scroll down to the other top players within the leaderboard.
3. The Leaderboard can be filtered between various environments.
4. Select from a variety of mini-games. Games that are in grey haven’t been unlocked.


Pause Quizzes

Students are able to pause their quizzes. That means questions answered will be saved
and students are able to return to the quizzes and resume their revision when ready.

FrogPlay for Teachers

Teacher Dashboard

1. The “Did You Know” section shares quick facts about a school’s FrogPlay usage.
2. FrogPlay shortcuts are included so that teachers can quickly jump to reports, assignments and Student Room.

Exam Mode, Single Attempt & Time Limits

To help students focus during their revision, teachers have the option of
simulating a learning environment that suits the needs of the students.
This is incredibly helpful when preparing for upcoming examinations.
These advanced settings are available when using quizzes in Sites or within Assignments. 

Assign Different Questions Across Different Classes

Teachers are able to customise questions from a quiz bank and
share them with students across different classes.
For example, a secondary school teacher has to prepare additional homework
for each class by end of day. Instead of creating multiple quizzes,
they are able to prepare a question bank in FrogPlay and
select the most appropriate quizzes for each class through Assignment.

With upcoming examinations, FrogPlay is a great tool to help your classroom prepare!

Encourage your students to join Frog Heroes : Misi Revisi to
help them study for their exams and overcome these monsters!
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