Teaching with Purpose

Teachers dedicate most of their lives to their students;
they work long hours, even after school,
and bear heavy responsibilities – most of which often goes unnoticed.
When asked, most reasons for becoming a teacher stems deep.
For some, it’s their calling, while others are inspired to
impact students and make the world a better place. 

No matter the reason, we are thankful for each and every teacher
who cared to make a difference.


A Small School with a Big Heart

Tucked in the middle of Johor lies SJK(T) Ladang Elaeis – a rural tamil school
within the Kluang district with 25 students and 8 teachers.
Despite its location and size, the community of teachers and parents
have gone the extra mile to ensure these students receive
the education they deserve!


Picture credit : Google Maps


Using Technology to Champion Education

According to unicef, children in rural areas are more likely to
be out of school at a younger age in relation to their privileged peers in cities.
As such, it can be a challenge to inspire children and keep them in school.

SJK(T) Ladang Elaeis’ story started with Cikgu Eswaran attending a Roti Canai workshop
and realising how technology can help make lessons more exciting.
Excited to share what he learnt, his charisma positively influenced other teachers in school
to use technology to engage their students. He also bought a number of computer mouse
so that students can use laptops easily. Soon enough, lessons were conducted through
the use of Frog VLE in computer labs.

SJK(T) Ladang Elaeis also have combined classes for Primary 2 and Primary 3.
“Teaching Mathematics is easier through FrogPlay and Boost Sites because
I’m able to assess their understanding in lessons at the same time,” said Cikgu Eswaran.


School Attendance Improve on Sundays

Schooling days vary for different states in Malaysia.
In Johor, students take Fridays off and start the school week on a Sunday.
For a while now, Cikgu Eswaran observed that students have been
skipping school on Sundays. However, after introducing students to Frog,
they were eager to return to school! Attendance has improved since.


Amazing Things Happen with Some Help

Cikgu Eswaran attributes the positivity and success of digitising lessons through
the support of school leaders (GB, Penolong Kanan) and from other teachers
within the school. Teachers worked very closely with each other to
schedule lesson plans in the computer lab – even to the point of
extending opening hours during break time and after school!


Encouraged to make a difference, teachers continued to dedicate their time
to create teaching resources that challenged their students to
improve in critical thinking (KBAT) type questions.


He’s right. Teachers are not limited to assigning long essays as homework
to encourage critical thinking. The art of decision-making is a skill.
As long as teachers encourage their students to solve problems,
they should be able to apply the knowledge they’ve learnt logically.


Parents Excited to Have Frog during Night Classes

Teachers at this school went above and beyond to provide students
the opportunity to learn outside the classroom as well.
Night classes were hosted at Cikgu Eswaran’s home and were a huge hit!
Excited, teachers worked together by dropping students off
for classes from time to time. Parents were so pleased that their children
spent their time productively and at times, eager to start these
night classes ahead of schedule!


These are only some of the initiatives that has helped the school.
SJK(T) Ladang Elaeis still continues to commit to their students to this day.
We wish them the best of luck and hope that they will be an inspiration
to other schools to continue making a difference in the lives of their community.



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