Passionate to Make a Difference

Inspired by his parents, Cikgu Yu decided to be a teacher. With his love of technology, he graduated with a teaching degree majoring in Information Technology from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

Feeling accomplished with his teaching degree, he set off excited to use the strategies he’s learnt in school and had high expectations that his students should do well and get good grades.

We asked him if he remembered what his first day of class was like. He laughed and responded, “I was assigned to SMK Skudai and started off with a couple of relief classes. I tried my best to set a good impression for myself and portrayed a stern educator.”

As time went by he changed his teaching approach. He stressed that after years of teaching, he realised that what students crave the most is for teachers to care about them – to ask how their day was, if they’ve had lunch and about their weekend plans.

He advises teachers that are just starting out their careers to learn how to communicate effectively and to be mindful of different student aptitudes. Some students do need time to understand lessons and not all of them will complete their school tasks. When you’re new, you need to build that relationship first.” 

Applying Technology in Lessons

During the first years of his teaching, Cikgu Yu taught a variety of subjects ranging from Mathematics, Moral Studies, Civic, TMK and PJK.

Then, 2017 rolled around.
After learning that the new curriculum (KSSM 2017) included  RBT (Reka Bentuk & Teknologi) & ASK (Asas Sains Komputer), Cikgu Yu jumped into action and requested to take on these classes!

This passion for technology started at 13 years old for Cikgu Yu Kok Hui. “The computer was a mysterious thing to me. With the internet and computer, there’s so much to explore!”

Using the internet, Cikgu Yu learnt how to code so that he could create his own webpage through Yahoo GeoCities! In the 90’s, there wasn’t a lot of readily available resources and  coding tutorials were scarce. Nevertheless, he persevered and searched for codes that could help him. “From that moment, I started to love technology”, he said.

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Learning how to apply technology in class, Cikgu Yu excelled through the use of Frog VLE and
he used the FrogPlay Championship 2017 to encourage his students to learn through technology. It was a success as SMK Skudai brought home the bronze prize, placing them 3rd in the Championships! Empowered by their accomplishments, they decided to challenge themselves at a world stage the following year! It was a victory as they were placed 2nd amongst secondary schools (Yes 4G Champions), during FrogPlay World Championships!

It was a community effort.
Cikgu Yu credits the Frog Champions, a team of students and the support of his fellow Headmaster and teachers in their accomplishments. To read more about the Frog Champions, click here.

Since then, SMK Skudai has learnt how to apply technology into their teaching and learning experiences. He shared that using technology in class has empowered his students to learn more because it was a novelty – most students didn’t have access to computers at home! 

Cikgu Yu also noted that his experience with Frog has unlocked learning opportunities for him and his students. Students were excited when classes were scheduled to take place in the Computer Lab.

*Gamification uses elements of game playing
(point-scoring, competition with others, elements of fun, etc) to encourage engagement.
*Blended learning is an e-learning term for using a combination of
traditional classroom methods and independent study to teach.


Learning is A Lifelong Journey

Despite his knowledge in IT, Cikgu Yu is still open to learning from others and
encourages teachers that aren’t as tech-savvy to explore how to use technology in lessons.

FrogAsia believes in the power of community and Cikgu Yu has been a part of this movement! As a Frog Gold Advocate, Cikgu Yu has conducted various workshops. He dedicated his time to help other teachers to develop their IT skills and shared tips on how to use Frog.

“Being part of a community is important for teachers so that they can learn from each other.” He notes that attending a conference is also a good way to learn and
develop understanding of things.

For more information about Leaps of Knowledge, click here.


The Journey Continues

Currently, Cikgu Yu is in his final year of his Masters and has already made waves by partaking in a team competition to build edtech for teachers. 

After his studies, he hopes to return and help his school.
Thank you Cikgu Yu! Teachers like you inspire us to do what we do at FrogAsia and
we look forward to your return within the teaching community!


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