Education in Malaysia has come a long way in recognising the importance of
developing various skill sets other than the conventional Math, Science and English.
However, most of the classroom settings in schools today are still the same as it
was a hundred years ago. How can educators change teaching approaches
in order to help learners fully develop their skills and talents?


Step 1: Redefine our definition of smart
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Programs have had
a very lucrative run within the education industry. But, if all we do is emphasise
the importance of the sciences alone, aren’t we failing to recognise
other talents within learners?

Societies are built by different individuals with various talents across
the science, arts and business stream. In order to develop a well-rounded society,
we need to acknowledge the need for various interests and talents.
Then, we can be careful about how we assess learners, not discounting skill sets
beyond subjects taught.


Step 2: Make space for students to discover and grow
We know that each student is unique and capable of greatness.
To ensure that no child is left behind, educators need to make room for
discovery and play an active role in mentoring students in their journey.


Step 3: Incorporate technology in lessons
One of the ways to discover student talent is to give them an
opportunity to shine and the room to discover uncovered potential.

We believe that using technology within classrooms helps unlock
student potential because it allows students to be assessed
through various approaches and teachers can be creative in their lesson plans.

Here are some examples of how schools are using the Frog VLE
to foster student interests and skill sets.

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