An empowered learner knows three things: that he or she is competent,
that the task being performed is significant and that
what is being done will produce impact.

Unfortunately, this may not be evident in most educational institutions
from kindergarten through to college. Conversely, most students are told
what to learn, how to learn it and how they will be assessed at the end of the day.

Educators are aware this isn’t ideal but most are trying their best to help
students excel through the system. How can we do more than that?

How can we inspired learning beyond the confines of the system?
What can educators do to empower learners through their learning journey?

Too often there is a lack of opportunity for meaningful learning
to happen, and those who thrive in the classroom are those who
comply well to these drill and test environments, leaving learners who
do not thrive in these environments feeling that whatever they do
within school does not matter.

In a climate of empowerment, educators become purveyors of hope.
Using the 4 dimensions of empowerment by
Thomas and Velthouse (1990), educators can help learners
develop feelings of empowerment within their school settings.


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