Schools do not exist in isolation and require the help of every stakeholder
to ensure that the best interest of students are being met.
When you enjoy what you do and who you do it with, you can accomplish great things.

We believe that teachers and parents help move schools forward into digital learning and
should make an effort to truly be involved in the welfare of students.

Teacher collaboration occurs when members of a learning community gather and
work together to improve teaching and learning outcomes. If your goal as an educator is
to see your students succeed, consider collaboration as part of the journey.

Collaboration is not a task on a checklist to complete and move on – it is an ever-changing,
ongoing process that is enhanced through social network and access to new technology.
The beauty of sharing resources and ideas is not only the ability to tap into various
perspectives and ideas, but also to share the responsibility of raising the next generation.
With more people being invested in elevating a student’s education,
the better the chances that students have to be successful.

Here are some benefits we can expect to see when teachers work together


Parental involvement creates ties and strengthens bond with children.
It also leads to the building of stronger relationships within the school,
leading to clearer communication between teachers, parents and children.

Schools that have high levels of engagement with parents
tend to experience better community support and positive reputation.

More importantly, being involved in your child’s education and schooling
provides a support network for children, which is particularly important when
they face academic hurdles or other challenges with friendships or
extra-curricular activities. It also means you know how your child’s education journey
is going and are able to be part of the highs and lows along the way.

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