Collaboration is an important aspect of life and is especially needed between parents and teachers
so that we raise upstanding citizens at a young age. It’s important we recognise that measures of success
goes beyond academic achievements because moral education fosters a well rounded individual
that encompasses wisdom towards diversity, tolerance, mutual respect and pluralistic values.

In order to be a good citizen, moral education must be at the very root of a child’s identity.
While incorrect to assume this partnership is the one-stop-solution, teamwork between
parent and teacher is part of the formula in raising future generations because there is
reinforcement both at home and in school for good morals.

As children, our perception of life and our character development is highly dependant on what
we learn from our environment. To positively influence a child’s life, it’s important that they
acquire values and behaviours from adult role models and peers,
and from the right environment for them to learn.


Setting the right environment is possible through:

All in all, we know that education should be more than textbook facts and theories.
It takes the collaboration of teachers and parents who are consistent in
passing down moral values that will help children navigate life.