One of the biggest challenges that teachers face is juggling academic progress,
student engagement and classroom management. With the added pressure of
looming deadlines there’s very little time for teachers to
constantly keep the classroom fully engaged.

Despite these circumstances, teachers can be a creative and talented bunch.
Using the right mix of creativity, technology and thoughtful planning,
they can come up with some of the most innovative teaching approaches!

This is a story from Martyn, a teacher from North Lakes School in the UK
and shares insight for teachers and how they can enhance learning experiences
through creative initiatives using Frog Sites.


1. Foster Project-based Learning Among Students

To encourage collaborative learning, North Lakes paired up with a school in France
so that their students from both schools are able to learn about the history between both countries –
namely about the Battle of the Somme during the First World War.

Through Frog Sites, students from both schools were exchanging information and resources with each other.
North Lakes also had a private section within the site to enable their students to discuss what they’ve learned
about the war in England internally. Adding to quality conversations, the Cumbria Museum of Military Life,
a partner, contributed to the student’s stories and ideas.


2. Encourage Shy Students to Speak Up

An online discussion was setup so that students were able to leave their inquiries
or feedback regarding lessons once logged into Frog. This initiative was particularly inclusive
as it built student confidence and improved their ability to contribute in class discussions. 


3. Made Extracurricular Activities Interactive
North Lakes took the opportunity to create an immersive experience for a sports initiative
– the Cumbria 100 Mile Challenge. While participating in the challenge, students were also
updating the respective Frog Site about their experiences and what they’ve done for the challenge.
This encouraged students to be actively engaged in lessons outside of academia.

As a whole, Frog has created an immersive experience that transformed the way
students develop their academic and life skills in the most significant way.

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