We are so excited for a brand new school year - WAWASAN 2020! We have new applications and upgrades on the Frog VLE to support and enhance your digital education experience. Here are a few things to look forward to next year:-


We don’t want students to miss out on an exciting school year ahead! So teachers and school admins, let us help you out in getting your students and classes sorted.

Reassigning students to a different class

Get students into their new classes! You can transfer students from one form or class to another through the Update Class feature.

Creating new student ID

New year, new students! For Year 1 or Form 1 students who have just enrolled into school, you can create new user accounts through the Create New Student feature.

Transferring existing student IDs

Students may transfer-in or move to another school. When that happens, you can easily transfer existing student IDs through the Transfer feature without the hassle of needing to create a new one.

Transfer In

Transfer Out

 If you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support & Help Desk by calling 018-7998787, or email to us at support@frogasia.com

 If you find yourself having trouble connecting to our servers, you can continue to use the Teacher Data Plan and your YES Altitude phones that grants unlimited access to the Frog VLE!