Every year begins almost as if a hurricane hits.

School management is flooded with administrative work, teachers preparing to onboard students, lesson planning preparation and a flurry of confused new-comers flood the entrance of schools on the first day. If you are a teacher in a primary school, we are almost certain you would have heard a wave of wailing and sobbing of little people in oversized uniforms.

We understand this because we were once confused new-comers. We also know how much work and stress can hit teachers as the new school year begins. Let’s be honest, teachers get nervous meeting students on the first day too. It’s a year-long relationship that could potentially carry on for a few more years. 

In an international survey, Malaysian teachers were reported to spend more of their time on administrative tasks compared to other countries (The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey). This leaves teachers with workload that they are forced to carry on with outside working hours. 

“Instead of focusing on teaching, learning and other assessment processes, teachers are doing a lot of redundant work. This leads to a drop in the efficacy and effectiveness of teachers.” Reference : here

Sanity first!

In order to begin the new school year drama-free, the well-being of teachers need to be a priority.

Teachers inspire students to think critically and the ability to do that shapes the mindset of each child. How can we expect excellent results when the bulk of teachers are weighed down by administrative tasks? If teachers were given ample time to plan meaningful lessons and have the ability to focus during teaching hours, the quality of lessons delivered will improve, and student learning outcomes will improve as well.

With the ability and space to focus on lesson preparation and delivery of lessons, teachers then need to ask themselves, ‘How can I create an engaging learning experience for my students? What can my teaching community do to collaborate and motivate others to prepare our children for the future?

Technology-facilitated teaching and learning

Meaningful learning is the ability for a class to understand something specific and how to make sense of the information under various circumstances unlike rote learning (memorisation).

This requires time and proper planning so that students understand what is being taught. There is no denying that the generation of learners today are digital natives, and edutech is the way to go. 

We believe the future is digital and we have seen how technology can help ease teachers’ burden and propel teachers forward in their journey of 21st century teaching and learning.

For that to happen, tasks and workload that can be done digitally should help teachers accomplish tasks easily and quickly. The benefits of working digitally enables teachers to:

  1. Create and replicate teaching materials and reports to save on time spent preparing resources
  2. Share documents with other teachers to encourage collaboration and feedback
  3. View and access learning resources instantaneously on one platform and
  4. Select from various tools to facilitate lessons and automate assessments

For example, if a teacher is able to complete administrative tasks quickly, they are more likely able to incorporate and reflect on HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) for lesson plans without sacrificing time spent outside working hours.

By selecting appropriate learning resources, students can be assessed and teachers can determine a classroom’s academic progress.

A teacher’s time is precious, and when technology is applied with focus and purpose, teachers are able to have more autonomy of their time and do meaningful work, not bogged down and limited by their busy schedule.

We hope that our journey in the new year continues to help the nation and inspire teachers in their calling.

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