Roll up your sleeves and get ready to deep dive

January is at its halfway point where teary eyed faces now replaced with joy at the sight of friends and a chorus of “Selamat Pagi, Cikgu” fills the air. While parents breathe a sigh of relief, the workload for educators is just beginning.

No two days are alike

Any educator will tell you that each day is an adventure and no two days are alike. There are moments where lessons go on smoothly and at the drop of a hat, a stream of classroom disruptions, discussions and impromptu tasks that follow.

This is especially challenging for educators in charge of a new classroom or when teaching subjects beyond their specialism.

Because of this, it’s important for educators to be able to think ahead and adapt to change. This means being flexible to changing roles, responsibilities, material and schedules.

Meet technology: your teaching assistant

In a world that is increasingly defined by the “I-want-it-now” mentality, educators are expected to keep up with rapid advancements. Why not use technology to your advantage?

A great way for educators to adapt is to use time-boosting strategies and add precious minutes to the day. An example of time-boosting strategy is to use technology to:

1. Save Time & Duplicate Plans Quickly

After crafting a structure you’re happy with, technology can help with duplicating these plans. Educators can take one step further by organising these documents onto one platform so if there is ever a need to quickly search for a report, it is just a click away!

2. Be Creative & Customise Plans to Suit Different Classes

Another approach to save on time especially when teaching multiple classes is, to use technology to make quick edits to your plans. Every class is unique with a mixture of students with different needs and capabilities. To start, all you need is a simple structure for lesson plans. From there, duplicate and personalise each plan that suits classroom aptitudes for a student-centric lesson.

3. Collaborate & Share Your Plans Seamlessly with Other Educators

Two heads are better than one. Sharing the paperwork with colleagues is also one of the outcomes that can be easily achieved through the help of technology. Once educators are happy with the structure of their lesson plans, sharing reports is as easy as ABC once the school has as an established infrastructure to support this information transfer between individuals anytime, anywhere.


Get started!

Accompany your lesson plans with Boost Sites, an online resource made available within the Frog VLE. Built by teachers for teachers, it can be used as teaching materials to support your lesson plans.

Remember, if educators are the heart of education, lesson plans are the veins that carry the knowledge that needs to be learnt. Personalising your teaching materials is as equally important as keeping yourself organised. Without proper guidance, teaching materials will not be able to effectively manage classrooms and efficiently assess student progression.

“Before Frog Boost, I was always creating my own Sites for lessons. Although easy, it still takes up quite a bit of my time because I have to put in my lesson notes and sources for classroom activities. Since Frog Boost was introduced, it has definitely sped up the process of preparing daily lessons,” said Cikgu Normizan Mohamad Azmi from SK Datok Keramat 2 (read more here).

Educators can add their personal touch to these sites by editing the information within to suit the needs of each classroom where necessary. Refer to this step-by-step guide (click here) and explore Boost Sites within the Frog VLE!

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