Technology, whether in classrooms, lecture halls or research labs, can get students talking and listening to each other. However, the key is to be open to new approaches to communication.
Reasons to be optimistic about using technology to get students to communicate:
  • Technology can bring out more voices - Technology helps us remember that communication goes beyond talk. Students who struggle to speak their minds may be able to explain their thinking through words in a discussion forum.
  • Technology can get students to actually talk to each other - Technology can be an amazing platform where students can create and continue conversations with little or no mediation. 
  • Technology can connect students everywhere - With the help of cloud-based tools, students can communicate and collaborate with one another anywhere, anytime.
As technology becomes a more commonplace in classrooms, teachers from preschool to higher education are finding innovative ways to use technology to get feedback from their students.

Encourage students to discuss, communicate
and give feedback in the classroom using

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