Flu Season Hits Most of Malaysia

The flu has been rampant this January and it feels as if everyone has been hit with the bug. Most notably, our schools have been affected with certain states still battling through the outbreak (read here) and others slowly starting to reopen school doors (read here).

While parents are scrambling to keep sickness at bay, educators are probably pulling their hair due to the stress of delayed lessons or worse - overcoming the flu themselves! We’re here to share tips that educators can use so that learning doesn’t have to stop during flu season.


1. Encourage Remote Learning

While students are at home recovering from the flu, having readily available learning resources online helps educators ensure learning happens anywhere, anytime!

Having students be accountable for their own learning not only promotes independent study but teaches them how to take charge of their own motivation and confidence wherever they are.

**Frog VLE Tip : We suggest customising Sites as online teaching materials. Click here to read how teachers are applying it in their school!


2. Consider Online Class Discussions

Creating a classroom where meaningful conversations happen isn’t easy! However, it’s observed that engaging in online discussions through forums empowers students (especially timid ones) to share their opinions.

If a child is feeling unwell or if a school is closed due to the flu season, educators can set up online discussions to start conversations about learning concepts. Having opinions validated by peers is a great bonding experience for the classroom and indirectly gears students to actively participate in continuous conversations in class afterwards!

**Frog VLE Tip : We suggest using Wall or forum widgets to promote online discussions. Click here to read how teachers are applying it in their school!


3. Assess Students Automatically

With technology becoming so closely integrated with daily life, educators are spoilt for choice when it comes selecting tools to measure student progress. Face-to-face assessment is a challenge when a child is unable to attend classes. Therefore, it’s important to find tools that automatically grade their understanding of learning concepts instantaneously.

When feedback is given efficiently, students are able to determine the areas for improvement immediately which helps reinforce lessons outside classroom guidance.

**Frog VLE Tip : We suggest using FrogPlay as an assessment tool to emphasise learning concepts. Click here to read how teachers are applying it in their school!


4. Handover Digital Resources to Substitute Educators

Having a sick or absent educator is a bump in the road when it comes to learning progress because it often means that substitute educators take on classes without a clear picture of learning objectives or who the students are.

Why not use technology to help prepare your teaching materials and classroom activities? It’s as easy as hosting your documents digitally and sharing them with your colleagues. Having readily accessible learning resources ensures that your classroom is learning effectively through proper guidance.

**Frog VLE Tip : We suggest using “share” preferences to handover teaching materials to colleagues. Click here to read how teachers are applying it in their school!

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