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You’ve heard it before - probably many, many times - that it is important to be present in the moment.


What does it mean to be present?

Being in the moment - the “here and now” - means that we are aware and mindful of what is happening at this very moment, and are not distracted by the past or the future. 


Why is it important to be present?

Being present is the key to staying happy and healthy! It cuts down a lot on your worrying and keeps you connected to yourself and to those around you.


How to be present and live in the moment?

1. Think about the past in small doses and for a reason.

2. Think of the future by focusing just long enough
to prepare for it.

3. Most importantly, stay in the present moment for
the vast majority of your time!


Read more about Being Present in the Moment here - bit.ly/everypresentmomentcounts
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