A study conducted by the MOE (Ministry of Education) found that around 2,000 teachers (4.4%) out of 48,000 teachers were experiencing moderate stress levels. Reference: click here

Meanwhile, a national survey by MOH (Ministry of Health) reported that 1 in 5 of Malaysian teens (aged 13-17) are suffering from mental health problems. Reference : click here.


When you’re feeling stressed at work or school, it’s very easy to feel as if the universe is out to get you. Maybe you had restless sleep from the night before, arrived late for class, experienced interpersonal conflict or spilled lunch on yourself.

It’s time to press reset - You deserve it!

Disruptions are a part of life and can happen to students and educators. However, if you’re feeling unusually stressed, we’ve rounded up 5 easy things to do to help you relax and bounce back from a stressful day.

Tip #1: Take time to recharge

“If I don’t do it, who’s going to?”

Does that sound familiar? When life gets busy, it’s easy to use that as an excuse for productivity and ignore our mind’s whisper for rest. Recognise you need a break and take at least 5 minutes to relax! Remember, change starts with you.

Tip #2: Get up and move

If you are getting overwhelmed, it could be because of the environment you’re in. 

Maybe your surroundings are loud and you’re starting to feel anxious. The best thing you can do is to get up and take a quick walk to clear your mind. If you’re at home, put on your favourite songs and dance it out! The important thing is to relax your muscles by moving about.

Tip #3: Set a relaxing scene

Have at least one item with you that allows you to relax. 

It’s simple - fix yourself a cup of green tea, grab a tent and go camping or keep a doodle journal close. Whatever it is, choose an appropriate activity and do it. Keep in mind to keep your actions appropriate in the setting you’re in. Instead of going on social media at school or work, save that for an activity to look forward to at the end of the day!

Tip #4: Open up and let it out

It’s good to talk to a friend or someone you trust about what’s bothering you.

However, don’t get caught up in the negativity. Try to think positive and put things into perspective. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing your worries, write it down and reflect on an action plan to put yourself in a positive direction.

Tip #5: Treat yourself

Take the time to stop and smell the roses.

Consider aromatherapy to refresh yourself mentally. Drip your favourite lavender or peppermint oil in a diffuser and inhale. If you’re under a strict budget, an easy trick is to find soothing scents in everyday items. For example, you could eat an orange, drink a cup of coffee or learn how to cook your favourite meal.


We hope these tips help you!  We know that for teachers, managing a classroom of students on top of administrative duties is a daily challenge. Likewise, it’s also stressful for students cramming information needed for their exams. Remember to take it easy and that life doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. All in all you are doing great! Keep your focus on the positive and trust that things will work out fine.

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