Parental involvement creates ties and strengthens bonds with children. It also leads to the building of stronger relationships within the school, leading to clearer communication between teachers, parents and children. Schools that have high levels of engagement with parents tend to experience better community support and positive reputation.

Since 2017 during the first FrogPlay Championships, parents have continuously shown and given support to teachers and students to champion digital education through Frog.

 “There has always been a gap between teachers and parents because parents were not engaged to speak to teachers about their children’s activities and progress. But the Championship had bridged that gap when parents began participating in meetings and sharing sessions to plan for the competition,” said Ms Chew Soo Lee, Frog Admin.


 “It used to only be a handful of parents who were on-board, but now, it’s every parent being involved. They are now taking the time to accompany their children and go through quizzes together and have taken the initiative to learn about Frog.”



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