The possibilities for our lives and our world are inarguably endless. In many ways, we are the result of our desires, beliefs, and actions. We are also the by-product of our own imagination, manifested in the form of a vision.

Facing difficult situations is simply a matter of life. But despite the inevitability of some difficulties in our lives, we all have the choice of not giving in to our situation. We simply need to focus on the fact of where we are, be optimistic about where we can be, and adopt an appropriate attitude to move on.


Consider the following steps:

Decide what you want

Determine what you don’t want

Imagine the kinds of experiences or
achievements you want

Think on the footprint, memories or
legacy you wish to leave behind


Think of the above as a blueprint for how you can live your life, and make it as vivid to your being and thinking as you can!

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