What to do when things don’t go as planned

The classroom is a teacher’s arena; these experts demonstrate the ability to multitask between administrative work, classroom management and striving to improve academic progression among students every day!

However, the classroom can be unpredictable and teachers are often required to be spontaneous. From student disruptions to impromptu administrative tasks, it can be hard for teachers to focus and to get lessons back on track.

The best way to regain focus is to stick to a simple plan. 


1. Less is more: Be a minimalist planner

Edutech influencer Cikgu El Gamilo said in a recent webinar that having a lesson plan is important to (i) ensure teaching and learning objectives are met (ii) guide teaching activities and strategies (iii) help plan for useful tools in teaching (iv) save time by focusing on optimal strategies in an organised manner.

With so many elements to a plan, it’s so easy to stress over the details of lesson planning. The common method that is still used by Malaysian teachers today is to print out digital copies of documents and paste them into books or files to be submitted for monitoring or reporting purposes.

To start, teachers can create a generic lesson plan with key points that is flexible for everyday use. For example, common key points in every lesson plan could include an objective, a summary of learning materials used and the type of activities for class or homework.

2. Use technology to host documents

What if we could use technology to create a more seamless approach to managing paperwork? If teachers are drafting up their documents digitally, we suggest minimising the use of different tools used in the lesson planning process.

Use a platform that creates, hosts and shares digital documents (plans, reports etc) within school to help teachers automate their workflow better. There are many more examples of why teachers should be preparing digital lesson plans (eRPH) as shared by Cikgu Yu Kok Hui in FrogAsia’s recent webinar.

3. Create simple lesson plans

We’ve just launched a new application called Lesson Planner which teachers can easily use to create lesson plans from scratch or attach Boost Sites as part of the document to support and explain what will be taught.

Log in today and experience how you can (i) plan (Lesson Planner); (ii) teach (Boost); (iii) assess students (FrogPlay) all on one platform.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use Lesson Planner!



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