Small details matter: Customise lessons to prepare for an engaged classroom

A common misconception is that teachers should spend a lot of time planning for lesson plans. This places a lot of stress on teachers who are expected to juggle between multiple tasks daily. 

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If you are interested in creating further engagement in the classroom, Lesson Planner enables you to customise lesson plans that students will love! 

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The teaching approach is as important as lesson planning

It takes two hands to clap! The following tips are best practices you can use when customising their lesson plans.

1. Teach with clarity

Plan your lessons by being aware of the objectives that need to be achieved. In the classroom, it’s easy to get distracted from the main purpose of your lessons. To keep your mind focused on the priorities, build your lesson plan around achieving those outcomes.

2. Teach with heart

Put the “fun” in fun learning. Students recall and apply learning concepts more easily because they relate and understand the topic at hand. Why not structure your lessons to also include an element that your students find enjoyable!

3. Teach with impact

Practice what you preach! Guide your students and encourage them to think critically within lessons. Immerse their way of learning to understand the outcomes of their lessons and how to apply them as life skills. Once they understand the reason behind learning something, they are more likely to engage with you in the classroom.

Combine these teaching approaches to create a customised learning experience

We came across a feature of Cikgu Raee Yoeh and his dedication to go above and beyond in an English class. This was so impactful because the lesson actively involved students through intrigue yet being clear in its focus to improve comprehension skills.

"Little do they know, this skill during the lesson is actually the usual reading comprehension skill that they have been practicing since their primary school. They thought they only had fun today while they didn’t know the exercise for information transfer comes in many ways other than from the papers.” 


Get inspired and customise through Lesson Planner

Part of our latest product release, Lesson Planner, allows teachers to customise their lesson plans digitally for more meaningful lessons. Use the tips shared in this article to unlock the possibilities of customised lesson planning in your classroom.

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