This year, we're taking students on an adventure never seen before in Championship history!

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Brief Championship History

2017 - The FrogPlay Championship was first launched and it saw more than 7,000 schools across Malaysia competing for the national championship title!

2018 - We up our game and brought the competition to a world stage, kickstarting the first ever FrogPlay World Championship! More than 7,000 schools across 15 countries participated and competed for the World Champion title. Our first ever World Champion was SJKC Choong Cheng, a rural school in a fishing village in Kedah, Malaysia.

2019 - The Frog World Championship continued on and students across the world were completing millions of quiz questions on FrogPlay to climb the Leaderboard! The competition was tight, but there can only be one World Champion, and SJKC Choong Cheng has proven undefeated by winning the title a second time.