Dear Adventurers, we have arrived in the UK!

#frogfact: Frog was founded in the UK in 1999, and has since expanded into 17 countries across the world.
Here’s how Frog has been helping schools in the UK...


YARDLEYS SCHOOL, 2018 World Champion - Through FrogPlay, the school has created a sustainable strategy towards homework, and every student is fully engaged. With the availability of accurate data-driven reports on student learning, FrogPlay has helped the school develop a uniform method to deal with issues surrounding non-completion of homework.

WESTMINSTER PRIMARY SCHOOL, 2019 World Champion - Using student data on FrogPlay, teachers perform question level analysis much faster and are able to plan their lessons more accurately. It has helped reduce their workload on marking and administration, allowing them to prioritise and optimise student learning.

HAYBRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL - A great advantage on FrogPlay is that quizzes can be self-marking, which means students and teachers receive instant feedback. “Teachers can quickly visualise what has successfully gone into a student’s long-term memory, and what hasn’t. This informs teaching and future planning,” said Jon Taylor, Deputy Headteacher.

KING EDWARDS VI SCHOOL - The result of higher engagement, learning and self-esteem in students comes from their enjoyment of FrogPlay. Students take initiative to complete quizzes independently and have shown how much they enjoy the gamified and interactive learning on FrogPlay.

HUNGERHILL SCHOOL - FrogPlay’s top user in the UK, Lok-Yi Tang, explains why she likes it so much! She adds, “Ever since FrogPlay was introduced in school, I have played nonstop and this has improved my scores every time I click on a subject.”

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