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In recent weeks, schools across the world have closed their doors due to concerns over the current crisis in healthcare, and according to UNESCO, schools from 130 countries have already implemented national closures impacting the student population. 

Whilst schools are asking for guidance during this difficult time, teachers are left to wonder how to continue the teaching and learning experience at home especially for the benefit of students taking public examinations this year.

Learn from home: action plan for parents

Schools are turning to online learning as the solution. However, if students are away from a teachers’ guidance, how can we be sure of their productivity online and the effectiveness of learning? To encourage students to learn from home, parents can:

1. Make learning devices accessible

To ensure that online distance learning is successful, students should have access to learning devices such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets alongside an appropriate internet connection. By having the right infrastructure, students are able to access the resources and to communicate in real-time when learning remotely.

2. Set the right environment

To avoid distractions from interrupting lessons, parents should set the standard of a student’s learning environment. This means setting aside a workspace for students and agreeing on a timetable for learning.

3. Keep lines of communications open between teachers and parents

Research showed that when teachers and parents share relevant information about a student, both have a better understanding of what the student requires for academic progress. Conversations can take place via video conferencing, phone calls or mobile messages.

4. FrogPlay makes it easy to learn online

Frog’s gamified-learning app, FrogPlay, enables blended learning, tracking of student progress and improved administrative task flow of traditional teaching environments. 

Through FrogPlay, teachers can create quizzes to achieve learning objectives while students can explore FrogPlay on their own to find quizzes and to do these at their own pace. From there, students and teachers are able to track progress and achievements through FrogPlay’s report. For students that will be taking public examinations can be assigned by teachers to complete FrogPlay quizzes under ‘Exam Mode’ which sets a time limit for quizzes to be completed.

5. Access available content online

As part of the Learn from Home initiative, FrogAsia has collaborated with YTL Foundation to provide free content for learning that students can use during MCO. This week, we have made English lessons that are fun and engaging for students in Standard 1 to Form 5!

Parents can share this with their children to help them catch up in their studies and not worry about their children missing school. Click the banner below for more information.


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