Help students bounce back in their learning

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With the MCO (Movement Control Order) extended to mid-April, schools across the nation are making the shift from traditional learning methods to online learning at home. 

Recognising the setbacks teachers and students will face being away from their daily routines, the Ministry of Education has rescheduled various examination dates due to the current situation. While the UPSR timetable remains, scheduling for PT3 and SPM examinations has changed. 

Unfortunately, this leaves a shorter time frame for primary school students to receive formal preparation for their public examinations this year. While remote learning can be a challenge, parents and teachers can help students catch-up in their learning at home.


Use FrogPlay Mobile App for learning anywhere, anytime

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Keeping learning mobile for our students is important to provide them the flexibility and opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime. Students are able to explore and learn from quizzes that are aligned to the national curriculum curated by platform partner, Pelangi. Students are also able to find quizzes created by teachers in their school for tailored learning specific to classroom objectives. 

FrogPlay is available on  Google Play for Android and on Apple Store for iOs users.


Oh my! Free english lessons released this week

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We’ve collaborated with YTL Foundation to help parents manage their child’s learning at home by providing free learning content for students from Year 1 to Form 5 within government schools in Malaysia.

Teachers and parents can get these lessons here. Stay tuned as we will be releasing weekly lessons in the coming week!



Giving back to society to ensure no child is left behind

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Since the launch of the Learn From Home initiative, YTL Foundation has received numerous responses from lower income communities such as the semi urban and rural areas.

To continue our contribution back to society, we have partnered with Teach for Malaysia (TFM) to join in the effort to digitise lessons.


“Fellows and alumni involved are leveraging their invaluable experiences, teaching in high-need government schools across the country to create content easy for students to follow and engage with, regardless of their levels of proficiency in the subject matter. This is to achieve the objective of ensuring no child is left behind in education.” YAM Tunku Ali Redhauddin ibni Tuanku Muhriz, Chairman of Teach For Malaysia


Action steps to move forward and onward

At FrogAsia we are passionate about education and aim to transform education through technology to provide equal access to quality education for all students, we offer 21st-century learning solutions through a technology-based approach. 

We hope these tools (FrogPlay, Frog VLE) and resources (free learning content) empower teachers, students and parents to come together and reduce the barriers to education during this challenging time period. 



Tip: Keep your devices sanitised

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As we continue to work and learn from home, remember to keep your electronic devices clean!

When doing so, do your research on how to disinfect your devices properly and to disconnect and power off the device before cleaning.

If parents need educational activities during the MCO, we are also hosting an online international competition called Frog World Championship until the end of April 2020. For more information, click the banner below.


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