What are my kids going to do all day?

School is out and many parents are tasked to keep their families safe at home during the MCO. Being physically far away from daily routines and communities can make it stressful for families. It’s one thing to keep your children entertained during the weekend. It’s another when parents are expected to fill in five days a week with learning activities to do together at this time.

With all this time spent together, families may run out of ideas if MCO continues. In honour of World Health Day (7th April), here are a couple of practical pointers that can help keep life at home balanced.

1. Make a routine & find learning content
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Students are used to following a schedule. As teachers, help parents through the day by having one for their child. A good place to start is to stick to pre-existing school timetables and adjust accordingly.

For example, if you teach English every day for at least an hour, ensure that students are able to access learning resources and assign homework for the week. If you need additional resources for your school or for a parent you know, visit this website for free content provided by FrogAsia and YTL Foundation.


2. Dedicate time for play & reflection
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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In the schedules organised for students, collaborate with parents to make some time for fun learning. For example, using FrogPlay as homework is a good way to keep lessons fun. Students can learn by doing quizzes and have quick breaks by doing mini-games in between quizzes.

For active students, teachers can help them focus by assigning FrogPlay as homework to allow parents free time to get other priorities done. FrogPlay is available on Google Play and on Apple Store.


3. Get creative & relax with your family at the end of the day
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This is a challenging time to be a teacher and we encourage our teachers to also take a step back and enjoy time spent with family!

Try to come up with activities that are fun yet teach meaningful life lessons. You can find offline activities to do with the family such as cooking.

If you have a family with children, having them actively involved in reading out recipes, measuring ingredients to cleaning up after meals teaches life lessons such as responsibility, math and literacy that can be done at home despite the MCO.


4. Encourage parents to join the Learn from Home Community
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We understand that this is a difficult time for most families and believe that in the midst of the confusion with the pandemic, it’s also important to take care of mental health by having a support group to rely on.

Teachers are the gatekeepers in education and the bridge between parent and child. With that knowledge, we encourage teachers to help share that this online support group is available to the parents you know and encourage them to join in. These parents will be receiving updates about free learning materials and share with each other how to maintain their child’s learning routines during this challenging time. To join in an online support group (click here)


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