Day 28: What does your day look like?

Malaysians have taken social media by storm to share about their lives that have now been impacted by COVID-19. To lighten the mood, netizens have been sharing pictures of family pets and heartwarming snippets of life experiences.

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Hidden reality

While the decision to further extend the MCO to 28 April 2020 is supported by many shown through online newspaper polls (here & here), job losses resulted in many families struggling to make ends meet, namely marginalised communities such as low income households (here), primary caregivers for the sick (here) and refugee workers (here) who are unable to earn their wages.

Unsurprisingly, Befrienders, a Malaysian hotline for emotional support is reported to have been receiving a surge in calls which is the hidden reality of the other half of the country as a result of restricted movements.


A reminder to be thankful and thoughtful

We forget that despite our trials and tribulations, we take for granted how lucky we are. We joke about being bored yet able to access the internet for social media. Somewhere in Malaysia there is a family struggling and are at a loss. 

Although we are going through a pandemic, remember our humanity. We are in the driver's seat, so let us be the positive change we want our country to experience. Everyone has a role to play and it’s time to take action.


YTL Foundation offers free mobile devices to underprivileged students

We are concerned about the inequalities within education that makes it difficult for schools and families to transition students online as school closures continue in April. 

A single mother, who is without work, reached out for help to gain access to learning and shared her current income is not enough for her children to shift their learning online. This story touched us and we initiated the offer for free mobile devices within our Learn from Home project.

The project is a private YTL initiative spearheaded by YTL Foundation to help alleviate the burden placed on parents and public schools. Help us by taking part and sharing on your social media one or more of the solutions below. We need your help to close the digital divide for students during COVID-19.


Solution 1: Nominate B40 students without access to learning devices

This will help parents that cannot afford devices for online schooling. We thank all the teachers that have submitted their nominations so far and this encouraged us to reach out to more families. Nominations are now open to the public! Fill in this form to nominate a child today.


Solution 2: Gain additional internet data by applying for a Yes SIM card

This will help students without internet or for those sharing limited internet data with their families at home. Parents can apply for their children using this link.


Solution 3: Receive free online learning resources to keep lessons fresh

This will help parents and teachers that are on the lookout for learning materials for meaningful learning without being repetitive. The goal of this initiative is to provide lesson sites accessible to the public for free. Lessons range from Standard 1 to Form 5 and are aligned to the current Malaysian curriculum. Parents and teachers can gain free resources here.



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