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It’s not easy for students to keep on being productive because of the different types of distractions at home. For example, younger students are prone to fidgeting and end up running amuck at home.

This is why building up a child’s understanding and importance of dedicated learning spaces at home is essential.

Easier said than done, you say. I have an active child and no matter what I do, they’re going to be running around the house. 

What if we reframe the problem statement from keeping children still to ensuring that learning follows children wherever they go? If we’re able to keep their devices close to them, it doesn’t matter if they go from room to room, because learning can anywhere, anytime.

1. Go mobile so that learning happens anywhere, anytime

We urge parents to realise the significance of students learning from their phones and believe that FrogPlay mobile app is a unique learning application that reaffirms that learning comes when there’s an element of fun: play more, learn more

FrogPlay Mobile is a gamified learning home revision app with revision quizzes for all core subjects for all years that engages learners in a fun and interactive way through revision questions and games. FrogPlay mobile is available on Google Play and Apple Store.


2. Personalise lessons to suit classroom aptitudes

With quizzes curated to align to the national Malaysian school syllabus by our partner, Pelangi, teachers are able to assign quizzes as homework easily. Likewise, students are able to explore these quizzes and engage in self-directed learning as well.

Teachers are also able to personalise quizzes to suit each student’s learning capabilities. For example, out of a quiz set of 20 questions, a teacher is able to select the most appropriate questions to be allocated to a specific group within the classroom. This allows teachers to be deliberate with the learning materials they are producing.


3. Prepare HOTS questions through FrogPlay

Currently, FrogPlay has enabled videos and images to be part of quiz questions to enable different media to be used to get students to think critically. Cikgu Eswaran from SJK(T) Ladang Elaeis shares that teachers come together to dedicate their time to create teaching resources that challenge their students to improve in critical thinking (KBAT) type questions through FrogPlay.





4. Use FrogPlay report to track learning progress

Added with the pressure of different student aptitudes within a classroom, teachers must understand that inculcating learning objectives can take a longer time to accomplish. FrogPlay can help teachers make informed decisions through FrogPlay reports.

For example, if a teacher wants to assess a student’s understanding, teachers can view quiz reports to find out the strengths and weaknesses of their students for that specific quiz. From here, teachers are able to create another classroom quiz using the questions students have difficulties in or encourage the class to redo quizzes at a different time frame. Assessing student improvement can be done through reports with the second batch of quiz questions answered.


5. Stay flexible and fun with learning experiences

When teachers and students are separated, conducting lessons from home can be a daunting task and it will take time for things to run smoothly. Teachers and parents can decide together how they can keep students at home engaged through learning on their mobile devices and still achieve learning objectives through FrogPlay mobile app at home.

A way to do that is for national Malaysian schools to participate in the Frog World Championship as a way to incorporate fun learning into the school curriculum at this time. It’s a fun activity for students to connect with peers across the nation by means of an online competition and it helps teachers achieve their objectives of teaching students in a fun learning environment from home. We have one more week to go! Are you our next Frog World Champion?


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