Parents are playing a heavier role in encouraging their child to learn from home especially when students are away from school and indirectly away from a teacher’s guidance. To help parents get started, they need to understand how lessons are being taught and what are the key takeaways with each lesson.

Learning is like a cake.
There are layers to learning and we need to understand how that happens.

Similar to eating a cake, what we remember most about it is how it looks, its taste and the memory associated with it.

Likewise, learning is experiential and the learning structure is there to help students gain a deeper understanding of the ‘whys’ of learning and to remember what is being learnt.

We’ve collaborated with YTL Foundation, Pelangi and teachers from Teach for Malaysia to produce simple lesson sites that you and parents can use during this challenging time. Our sites cater to different subjects for students from Standard 1 to Form 5 and are aligned to the national syllabus.

It’s also broken down into sections so that parents can easily understand what the learning goals are and how their child can work towards it.

Step 1 : Learning goals

When learning an unfamiliar topic, students start off not knowing what needs to be done. Our sites are based on learning goals so that parents and students understand will be accomplished from this lesson.

Step 2 : Learning resources

When we’re aware of what needs to be learnt, we become intentionally aware of how much or how little we know about the topic. Our sites ensure that a student is supported in their learning by preparing videos or reading material to supplement a student’s learning. The information provided is easy for parents to skim through so that they are able to understand the basics of learning a particular topic and to understand why it’s important.

Step 3 : Lesson activities

After learning the basics of that chapter, students can accomplish the learning goals if they truly understand how to apply themselves. As an extension to learning resources, our sites include directions for activities they can do to help guide them to apply their lessons as solutions to a problem step-by-step.

Step 4 : Revision quizzes

Practice makes perfect. Mistakes happen even when we are confident we know what we’re doing. To reinforce student learning, their understanding has to be tested or put to practice. Our quizzes are available for students to test their understanding when they’re ready.

Step 5 : Monitoring progress

When at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! Our quizzes can be repeated for as many times as a student requires. The purpose is that practice makes perfect and we hope by doing so, students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes from insights generated after completing a quiz and help identify any gaps in their understanding.

After understanding each component (layer) in a lesson, parents can now create a memorable learning experience for their children through FrogSchool! If time is a concern, use this diagram below as a guide.


We’ve created a detailed guide for parents on how they can participate in their child’s learning with FrogSchool.

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